A study by a team of scientists led by professor Nikolai Petrovsky from the University of Flinders in Adelaide, South Australia, suggests that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, also known as the new coronavirus, was the result of genetic manipulation in a laboratory.

The research findings challenge the idea that the virus came from a market in Wuhan and suggest that it was designed to evolve in an animal to be effective in binding to human cells, The Week reported.

The researchers who conducted the study said the virus was improved to attack human cells, and according to the study’s conclusions, there is “a remarkable coincidence or sign of human intervention” in the creation of the virus.

According to the Medicalxpress website, in an effort to find a cure for the CCP Virus, Australian scientists used high-performance computer models to study its ability to attack a variety of 12 exotic and domestic animals, trying to identify the source of the virus.

The researchers then compared the modeling to the virus’s ability to attach to human cells, finding that SARS-CoV-2 has a more potent effect on humans than on any of the animal species tested.

The team worked with a version of the CCP Virus that was collected in the early days of the outbreak.

“The results clearly show that the COVID-19 virus (CCP Virus) is exquisitely adapted to infect humans,” Petrovsky of said of the study, which was published on the research website, arXiv.

According to the research, “A virus would be expected to have the highest affinity for the receptor in its original host species, e.g. bat, with a lower initial binding affinity for the receptor of any new host, e.g. humans.”

“However, in this case, the affinity of SARS-CoV-2 is higher for humans than for the putative original host species, bats, or for any potential intermediary host species,” the research concluded.

The study material was also published in a Cornell University repository but has not yet been peer-reviewed. According to an accompanying note, “established information” will not be considered until expert opinion is received.

According to the Washington Times, this month the CCP Foreign Ministry again denied that the virus originated at the Wuhan Virology Laboratory, emphasizing that a review of the facility concluded that it had played no role in the spread.

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