France’s ‘Mr. Vaccine’, Alain Fischer, believes that vaccination against the CCP Virus (or COVID-19) in minors is critical in achieving herb immunity, saying it is “an arithmetic imperative.”

The conversation around vaccination for underage recipients remains morally controversial. While many adults can refuse to get the doses themselves due to their disbelief in the experimental vaccines, children would depend on parental consent to get the shots, which means that their personal views may not necessarily be considered. 

For Fischer, a Rothschild medical associate and pediatric immunologist responsible for the French government’s vaccine strategy, getting young recipients to take the shots would benefit the population, reports HumansAreFree.

“The idea of vaccinating teenagers instead of reluctant adults is ethically unacceptable,” said Fischer in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche published on June 13. However, he saw that it “is justified” because “it is an arithmetical imperative: to achieve herd immunity, 90% of 12 to 100 year olds must be vaccinated; so much so that it will remain out of reach even if almost all adults are vaccinated.”

Arguing that the youngsters “pay too heavy a price to the pandemic” in terms of their education, he thinks it is the more reason for securing them against the virus with the doses. 

“Vaccination will reduce the risk of school closures at the beginning of the school year, and we know that teenagers participate as much as adults in the circulation of the virus, so we must go ahead,” said Fischer.

Mathematically speaking, Fischer’s vision was indeed desirable. However, the problem with the vaccines is: they are experimental, they can cause adverse side-effects on a small group of recipients, and the effects can be lethal to some people even if the chances are low compared to the overall amount of vaccinated citizens.

While experts have already confirmed that children are the least affected group by the CCP Virus, the side effects that the vaccine may cause to them are rather the opposite situation.

A report by Financial Times stated that children are well known to be much more vulnerable to side effects caused by vaccines due to their more active immune system.

“Children are not little adults. Their immune response varies and gets mature as they grow,” the outlet cited doctor Yildirim, who leads Yale’s study of the Moderna vaccine in under-12s.

One of the most serious concerns about the adverse side-effects caused by the vaccines is the dangerous blood clots. Although health officials have not confirmed any link between the effect and the vaccines, there already are reports of victims who died within a short period after having the shot.

In a recent report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even admitted that the young recipients who contracted heart inflammation as a side effect of the vaccines were much more significant than they previously projected. Even though the rates of cases were minimum, most of the patients ended up hospitalized.

In discussing vaccination for underage individuals, one argument remains: parents need further details about the vaccines and their real potential effects the children may be subjected to. 

“I do believe that the vaccine is saving millions of lives. But should any innocent child be a sacrificial lamb in this endeavor? There are moral, ethical, and health questions that need to be answered,” as one aunt whose nephew died within three days after his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine said, reported by National File

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