It could be said that news about alternative medicine was not much covered or was not present on the agenda of the hegemonic media during the last year.

One unusual case that the mainstream media did not report was Dr. Peter Gariaev, renowned Russian geneticist and molecular biologist. He was pronounced dead on November 17, 2020, from cerebral edema at the age of 79.

A few weeks before his death, Gariaev had received notification of his nomination for the 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine, as reported by the health website Its Now You.

Gariaev was the originator of quantum wave genetics and, as an independent researcher, could not have died at a more critical time and with the pandemic to be resolved.

His last article published on the website of the Institute he founded was devoted to the question “What is the right answer to fight COVID-19?”. He explained how COVID-19 was created in a laboratory and why this and other evils of our times should be treated through Quantum Wave Genetics.

Dr. Peter Gariaev demonstrated that the genetic information of living organisms is unified by a “chromosomal continuum,” i.e., that information travels as a steady wave train throughout the organism along the highly ordered geometric structure of the DNA molecule.

This genetic information is imprinted on our intracellular water networks, leaving an electromagnetic fingerprint for the cell to read. This quasi-crystalline gel state of water stores the genetic information in the form of electromagnetic and acoustic holograms, which the expert recognized as the true source of the blueprints of life and biological function.

The highly coherent photon emission spectrum of this electromagnetic holographic code can be captured with a broadband laser. This emitted electromagnetic interference pattern can be stored or transmitted. This means that genetic information can be transmitted or teleported through “light” over any distance.

When holographic information from healthy organs and tissues can be projected onto unhealthy ones, remarkable healing can occur.

This was proven by an experiment in Toronto, Canada, in which researchers administered poison to a group of rats to damage their pancreas. This control group of rats developed diabetes and died shortly after that. The other group of rats received genetic information via a laser intended to regrow and regenerate the damaged pancreas cells. This group of rats survived, and their pancreas became functional again.

Gariaev’s methods for extending life without resorting to vaccines

Dr. Gariaev stated that there are two methods to help people extend their lives using this technology, the DN blog reported.

  1. He would take stem cells from the umbilical cord of a person’s newborn and tissue from the placenta. He would then read the information from those tissues using a laser. Dr. Gariaev would then translate this information into a sound and record it on an MP3 for the person to listen to every day.
  2. Dr. Gariaev talks about the common theme that we live in a world of holographic information, and this information is available to everyone. He states that he “has the technology to address the holographic person.” This is done by reading holographic information from a newborn and transmitting it to an elderly or sick person, allowing them to regenerate, recover and even reverse the aging process.

These concepts not only apply to humans but can also be applied to plants; in an experiment that Dr. Gariaev and his team performed, they took plants that had been damaged at the chromosomal level. They talked to the damaged chromosomes of one group of plants using a “specific algorithm” spoken through a generator in several languages.

The other group had the same process repeated, but the difference was that the words spoken were simply random meaningless words. The first group of plants became healthy and recovered, while the group that received the random, meaningless words continued their downward progression.

To put this into practice with an easy-to-understand example, let’s use miscommunication and swear words as an example. When you use swear words, when you speak lazily, in a low voice, or are not clear with your point of view, these are electromagnetic signals that carry energy and information not only to the DNA and cells of others but to your own cells.

Dr. Gariaev demonstrated that there is another alternative medicine ready to extend and regenerate life without the use of vaccines. His death came as a surprise to many of his colleagues and admirers, but his work continues to live on in those committed to more humane medicine.