An episode of a Mexican TV program went viral for demonstrating that the injected area of the COVID-19 vaccine can become magnetic. Still, it seems like the effect will not happen to all recipients. 

As more people get vaccinated, a lot about the experimental doses could be exposed, adding more jobs for the mainstream media to manage public opinion. 

Among the allegations that fact-checkers listed as “conspiracy theory,” is the accusation that the vaccines could make the human body magnetic, and they came with bare evidence, such as this video shared by InfoWars.

In the Mexican show, the doctor, whose name is Pepe, discussed the phenomenon of a peculiar reaction with the human body which can be induced by a vaccination jab: the COVID-19 vaccine injection sites can attract metal objects.

As the host of the show, Sale el Sol, asked of the phenomenon when he saw a video of a woman having a phone stuck on her arm, the doctor decided to test if the same situation could happen to him. 

It did not work on him, so he turned to other vaccinated volunteers. 

The same results occurred with the next three participants, but the metal spoon stuck inexplicably to his body when it came to the fourth person.

Metal spoon stuck on the volunteer’s arm, June 11, 2021 (InfoWars)

“Yes, that’s curious,” said the doctor, who switched to a cellphone that also hung on the man’s arm. The same situation happened as the show’s host tried to put the objects on the participant’s arm himself.

A cellphone attached to the volunteer’s arm, June 11, 2021 (InfoWars)

“In truth, I don’t know,” said the doctor, unable to give out any possible explanation for the vaccine’s ability. 

It remains an open canvas for people to project if there is any devious scheme behind the vaccine or that it is harmless, and for vaccinated individuals to enjoy themselves experiencing the life of Magneto from the X-Men movie. Nonetheless, this episode of the Mexican program, in addition to the many videos floating around that prove people have become magnetic after the vaccine, would certainly make the theory harder to dismiss.