Amid the current crisis in Europe due to the extensive spread of the CCP Virus (Wuhan coronavirus), the United Kingdom has gradually managed to place itself among the countries reporting the highest number of infections, largely because the measures taken by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to contain the crisis have not been sufficient.

In a recent interview, the Italian government’s scientific adviser, Walter Ricciardi, said the UK government should have learned the lessons of Italy’s failure to take preventive isolation measures just as the number of reports of infection increased, according to Express UK.

Ricciardi, who also works for the World Health Organization (WHO), recalled that the UK issued the warning just as 113 deaths from the CCP Virus had been reported on Wednesday, March 25.

Ricciardi told SkyNews, “When we scientists put the evidence on your table, you should take action. (…) When you take the decision late you pay a price in sick people and in deaths.”

The UK has so far recorded 11,816 cases of coronavirus infection and has reached 578 deaths. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he tested positive for the CCP Virus.

As Business Insider pointed out, last Monday, March 23, Johnson spoke about an alarming prognosis while announcing the government’s new plans to deal with the current spread of the virus in the UK.

“If too many people become seriously unwell at one time, the NHS [National Health Service] will be unable to handle it—meaning more people are likely to die, not just from coronavirus but from other illnesses as well,” Johnson said.

Meanwhile, Ricciardi also spoke about the images that have circulated lately of the high flow of people and mass gatherings, comparing such a scenario to the gathering of large numbers of football fans in Milan last month.

“When I looked at some images of the London Tube or some mass gatherings that happened when we already had the impression that this was dangerous, this was a kind of example that could have been avoided.”

“Having had the example of Italy, the UK could have adopted its (lockdown) much earlier,” the Italian official added.

The NHS has increased its capacity to provide critical care services, but health experts are aware of the complications they face in light of the high demand in hospitals.

However, the UK is among the countries that was warned by Italy about the complications faced by the health sector due to the advance of the virus.

The Italian health experts eventually drafted a letter to the European community in which they expressed some of the challenges faced by the health sector in order to project the service to those who contract the virus.

Currently, Italy has the highest number of infections on the European continent with 80,589 and 2,378 deaths, according to official figures.