The chief scientist of Indonesia’s state-owned pharmaceutical company BioFarma, Novilia Sjafri Bachtiar, 50, died on July 7, suspected to be the result of COVID or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, according to reports and funeral protocols applied.

Also, 131 more health workers died in the last month and a half from the CCP Virus, most of them vaccinated with the Chinese drug Sinovac, reported an independent study by the Lapor Covid-19 group, according to the Indonesian media Kreately on July 9.

In addition, between February and June, another 818 health workers had died, including 20 nurses and 10 doctors who had received two doses of the vaccine, the BBC reported.

State Enterprise Minister Erick Thorir commented, “She was lead scientist and head of dozens of clinical trials done by BioFarma, including Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials in cooperation with Sinovac.”

And she added about the vaccine, “It has been produced and injected into tens of millions people in Indonesia, as part of our effort to be free from this Covid-19 pandemic,” via her Instagram account.

The high rate of infections in people inoculated with this experimental drug raises serious doubts about the adequacy of the procedure used.

The Indonesian Medical Association deputy head told Parliament: “there are many doctors and health workers who have been vaccinated twice but have suffered medium and severe symptoms, or even died,” the Hindustan Times quoted him as saying.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation and the vaccination rate is 1.6 percent, obtained almost entirely with Chinese vaccines.

Given the uncertainty about the protection conferred by the Chinese vaccine, countries such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates that used them have already begun administering booster vaccines because of this concern.

While a Sinovac spokesperson spoke about the reduction in the effects of the CCP Virus provided by its vaccine, he did not provide specific data to back up his claims, Kreately said.

Several countries have reported tens of thousands of adverse effects suffered by those who agreed to take the controversial vaccines, of all brands. 

Given the apparent failures of the two doses of the vaccines, the injection of a third dose is being studied; however, the possible effectiveness of this alternative has also been refuted.

Windhu Purnomo, a professor at the University of Airlangga in Indonesia, expressed himself in this sense: “We have seen several cases of health workers who died and who were fully vaccinated. That should not have happened,” he said.

He added: “If the Sinovac vaccine does not in fact protect people against new variants, then administering third doses will not help.”

On the other hand, while global infections and deaths caused by CCV infections are accurately tracked and reported, deaths and other serious and mild side effects caused by vaccines are not.

The same experimental procedure being performed in all countries is the cause of complaints by specialists, including lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and a group of scientists.

They are suing governments, laboratories, and doctors involved in mass vaccination campaigns for violating the Nuremberg Code since the experimental vaccines against the CCP Virus have not undergone pre-clinical tests to analyze the risks.

The record shows that in 2004 there were clinical trials with the technology used in the COVID, mRNA vaccines and all the animals died, Fuellmich said.