In recent days, mass media such as BBC, New York Post, NBC, The Guardian, Daily Mail, and others began to publish photos, videos, and news about the ‘crisis’ of the CCP Virus (COVID) in India. Still, an independent analysis of the official data and the contribution of Internet users would indicate that the media are exaggerating the actual situation.

Doing a simple Google news search, the results show headlines that reading would lead one to believe that people are dying in the streets, that the bodies of those killed by the CCP Virus are ‘piling up’ because there is nowhere to bury them.

But an English digital media, Daily Expose, published an analysis of the data, number of infected, and deaths and placed them in the context of the large Indian population to conclude that: the media is exaggerating.

Adding to that, some internet users living there discovered that some of the photos used by the media of people lying in the streets, ‘dead,’ are from three years ago or in one case is a photo of a person who was intoxicated by a gas leak, not at all related to the CCP Virus.

In addition, a western woman living in India recorded a video showing that while the country is in near-total lockdown, people there go about their everyday lives.

“Let’s start with the fact that India has a population of 1.4 billion people. If we look at the number of daily positive tests for SARS-CoV-2 we can see that on the 24th of April 2021, India recorded 349,691 positive tests. This equates to just 0.02% of the entire population of India testing positive for Covid on the 24th of April 2021,” the report states.

It adds, “The 24th of April has also been the highest day on record in India for the number of positive test results for SARS-CoV-2. Yet the mainstream media have said that “the country of 1.4 billion is sinking beneath the weight of infections.” They’re lying.”

The report further states India began to increase testing with PCRs, which are highly infectious, to detect the actual existence of the virus in a person, and that cases skyrocketed from there.

The problem with PCRs

PCR tests look for the genetic material of the new coronavirus through amplification cycles. The problem is that the number of amplification cycles needed to detect the virus’s genetic material called the cycle threshold has very high cycle thresholds, most set at 40 and some at 37.

That is, the person’s DNA sample is amplified so many times that eventually, all tests are positive. To use an analogy, it is like looking at a sheet of paper under a microscope. If you magnify it enough, you could undoubtedly find anything within that material.

This means that many people who are not carrying the CCP Virus are still testing positive, which is why it is emphasized that people who do not have symptoms should not be targeted for these tests to avoid inaccurate numbers.

Beyond that, the report notes, “on the record breaking day for new infections in India just 0.02% of the population tested positive for Covid-19.”

Oxygen shortage

Another point mentioned by the media is the lack of oxygen, and that as a result, many Indians are dying because they do not have access to oxygen.

According to Daily Expose, since October 2020, many hospitals in India are without oxygen and blame the government for not having done anything to activate the plants that generate this gas.

“So the situation you are seeing broadcast on your television screen has not arisen because there are vasts amounts of people requiring oxygen, it has arisen because there has always been a shortage of oxygen across India,” the report explains.

The data in perspective

The latest data shows us that on the 24th April 2021 2,767 deaths were attributed to Covid-19, the highest to occur in India so far. But let’s put that into context, with a population of 1.4 billion that is just 0.0001% of the population. And to put it into further context India sees on average 25,270 deaths per day from all causes.”

India, Mongolia, Hungary, and Maine: deaths skyrocketed with vaccination

CCP virus deaths appear to have increased dramatically after India rolled out vaccination (Daily Expose graphic)

Graphs presented in the report show the examples of India, Mongolia, Hungary, and the U.S. state of Maine, where deaths from the CCP virus skyrocketed when they began mass vaccination.

The graphic shows deaths in Hungary skyrocketed after vaccination (Daily Expose graphic)

Of course, the report does not claim that vaccines cause the increase in deaths as there may be many other factors, but that it is a strange coincidence is undeniable.

Mongolia had zero deaths before vaccination was rolled out, according to this graphic (Daily Expose graphic)

An extremely curious and interesting fact is that India kept deaths under control by supplying Ivermectin until August 2020, a revolutionary drug mentioned by former President Trump. But as soon as they switched to vaccines, deaths began to emerge.

The contribution of the cybernauts

In the video, which cannot be corroborated is in India, the woman says she is married to an Indian and that they live there. She explains while showing images that although the confinement is almost total, that to buy things, they have to do it ‘clandestinely,’ it is not as reported by the media.

In addition, she explains that people in India have the habit of taking naps in the street, and many media published photos of people lying in the streets as supposedly dead from the CCP Virus.

A photo used by a user from India that says, “This is how India is right now,” shows an elderly woman sitting on the ground with an oxygen cylinder. However, another user shows the same photo posted on Twitter from three years ago!

Governments’ tyranny: similar cases around the world

Whether what is happening in India is true or not is not easy to tell at a glance. The information war plays both sides: those who try to create a situation that does not exist to justify certain measures and those dedicated exclusively to filling cyberspace with intentionally false information.

Nevertheless, many leftist or socialist-tinged governments have taken advantage of the pandemic to cling to power.

By handling information from the local mainstream media, which certainly work as a printing press, just copying the information they are given and printing it, investigative journalism, those dedicated to uncovering the truth, to questioning the ‘official data,’ has virtually disappeared and this has created a chasm between the reality and what is officially said.

Many reports with scientific data and methodologies tell us that the virus is flu-like in healthy people under the age of 65 and that experimental vaccines not only have serious side effects, even death, but governments around the world insist on locking people up and forcing them to be vaccinated.

These attitudes raise serious questions about what is true and what is not.

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