In view of the law passed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to end Hong Kong’s autonomy, Europe should wake up and prioritize freedom for Hong Kong rather than trade with the CCP.

While the world is awaiting the outcome of the events caused by the CCP violating the Sino-British Joint Declaration, that gave Hong Kong autonomy as a British ex-colony, the European Union is ignoring the outrage.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives priority to relations with the CCP and influences the EU to avoid concrete measures to denounce this violation.

In the opinion of some analysts, the EU’s attitude reflects weakness and great economic dependence on the CCP, which together with the lack of moral values makes it deny the ethics of a Western culture.

This was evident in April when the EU avoided blaming the CCP for mishandling the CCP virus outbreak, as many countries did, and instead allowed the CCP to censor an article signed by its 27 ambassadors.

The EU will also hold a trade summit with the CCP in Leipzig in September, under pressure from the automobile industry that wants to maintain a market in China.

However, the EU’s disinterest and weakness in the face of the crisis experienced by the Hong Kong people due to the abuses of the CCP is not shared by the UK.

The British government is considering the possibility of offering citizenship to almost 3 million Hong Kong residents, against the wishes of the CCP.

In turn, the United States has been a strong advocate of freedom for Hong Kongers and is supported by the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

The United States is studying various laws that would punish the privileges granted to Hong Kong, thus preventing the CCP from taking advantage of them while suffocating the rights of the inhabitants of the big city.

Despite the controversial choice of the EU, several European officials urge it to strongly condemn the abuses by the CCP.

“China aims to repress freedom, democracy, & the rule of law in Hong Kong. Europe has to condemn such acts of wrongdoing & stand up for the freedoms of Hong Kong’s citizens,” tweets the head of the foreign affairs committee of the German Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen.

” It would be disastrous & a huge blow for Europe’s credibility, if China could rely on us keeping silent.” Röttgen added.

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer, Europe’s largest publishing company, also commented. “Economic relations with China may seem harmless to many Europeans today, but they could soon lead to political dependence and ultimately the end of a free and liberal Europe. The European Union has a choice. But above all Germany, the economic engine of Europe has the choice.

The conflicting events in which the CCP has been embroiled in recent months, including the scandalous handling of the CCP virus outbreak that has caused so many deaths and so much damage to the world, are pushing it into a corner that presages a dark future.

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