A passerby in a town in Australia captured the moment a man beat up two female police officers who approached him to call his attention in an attempt to enforce the country’s strict lockdown.

At Bankstown, a town in New South Wales, 16 kilometers from Sydney, an unidentified man was recording an incident with his cell phone from a car of a man standing in the middle of the road who suddenly attacked two police officers that had approached him. He kneed one policewoman in the face while her colleague, who had previously received a few blows from the same man, called for help on the radio.

Finally, the second policewoman courageously approached the man and shocked him with her taser gun. At that moment, the man is heard screaming but immediately gets up to run away.

According to Daily Mail, the police used the security cameras in the street to track the man until they located him.

While at the police station, he beat up a third police officer. All three officers ended up injured and in hospital.

Watch the video  Warning: some graphic footage

The police version

The police accuse the 43-year-old man of violating quarantine and assaulting police officers.

According to police sources, the man was in the middle of the street and almost hit by a bus. When the two policewomen in their ’30s approached him to ask him to move, he attacked them.

People close by approached to assist the police, and the individual fled to a train station.

“The man allegedly punched and kicked both officers, who used OC spray in an attempt to subdue him, before he ran from the area and boarded a train,” NSW Police said in a statement. 

Detective Superintendent Todd Cunningham praised the officers for working in the community ‘in difficult circumstances, especially around COVID.’

“We don’t expect this when they come to work, especially in such trying conditions when everybody has been at home,” the detective explained. “The officers have come to work every day, putting their own families at risk when they go home, and they shouldn’t have to put up with this.”

Interestingly, the user who uploaded the video of the incident posted another video the same day showing two police officers trying to arrest a man in the same city but failing to stop him; he ran away while the officers just watched him escape.

Watch the video 

Australia’s strict lockdown

Australia is going through the 12th week of strict quarantine. People are not allowed to leave their homes without ‘reasonable reason,’ so people can be arrested if they walk around in public without a good excuse.

The measures taken by the Scott Morrison government are part of the ‘zero Covid’ strategy to combat the Delta strain of the coronavirus, which is said to be highly contagious.

However, the quarantine has not prevented contagions, and the strategy now is to reach 70 percent of the population vaccinated, explains Daily Mail.

What are the restrictions in the Sydney area?

Everyone is banned from leaving the house except for “essential reasons,” such as buying food, going to medical appointments, or carrying out essential formalities.

Those going out for essential business must do so within their local areas and carry proof of address.

The use of face masks is mandatory both inside and outside.

Exercises can only be done alone or in pairs.

Fully vaccinated persons may ‘socialize’ with up to five people but must show proof of vaccination.

Schools and offices must remain closed, and restaurants only operate under ‘delivery’ mode.

According to a report by Al Jazeera, since mid-August this year, the government started to apply fines of $3700 ‘on the spot’ to those found on the public roads violating the quarantine.

In addition, it also implemented $2200 fines for those who cross regional lines, i.e., leave their cities without an official permit.

“The fines are some of the biggest fines that I’ve ever seen and we will be issuing them as of today,” said New South Wales police commissioner Mick Fuller. “Those people that have been getting around the orders, taking family vacations to other premises—that is over.”

New South Wales is Australia’s most populous state, with a population of more than 8 million.

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