While walking with her small dog in her neighborhood in Toronto, Canada, a coyote much bigger than the dog attacked them.  The lionhearted Yorkshire terrier fought back to protect her 10-year-old owner.

Lily Kwan can be seen fleeing down the sidewalk with her six-year-old rescue dog Macy. In footage recorded by a neighbor’s security camera, the coyote pursued them. The coyote was twice the size of Macy and as it attempted to attack them, the lionhearted Yorkshire terrier fought back to protect her 10-year-old owner.

Lily claimed she had just seen posters in her Toronto, Canada neighborhood on Tuesday, July20, alerting residents about a coyote hunting children in the area, when the animal began nipping at her heels as she walked her dog Macy.

“I was thinking, ‘Am I next, what’s going to happen to me?'” Lily told WDAM 7 in Canada.

“I saw this coyote trying to attack my dog and I tried to ring people’s doorbells and knock on people’s doors but no one heard me,” Lily explained. “This one neighbor was kind enough to let me in.”

Macy, on the other hand, would not follow Lucy inside, after Lily was forced to let go of the leash when Macy refused to follow her. instead straining at the leash toward the coyote.

When Lily let go of the leash, the tiny dog whirled around to meet the coyote.

Macy can be seen squaring up with the coyote before it takes her and shakes her violently in its mouth. Yelping in agony, Macy but contiues to bark and chase the coyote until it gives up and departs.

“I just believed this small dog could defend this big human being, trying to fight off this massive coyote,” Lily added, “She’s a super brave dog.”

Dorothy Kwan, Lily’s mother, was not there at the time of the event but was able to get the footage from a neighbor’s home security system.

Dorothy Kwan stated, “My dog would do anything for our family, so I’m not surprised she did it.”

Macy was at the veterinary hospital’s intensive care unit on Tuesday, undergoing surgery to repair several puncture wounds caused by the wild animal. The dog is likely to recover completely. She returned home on Thursday with about 40 staples holding her wounds closed and drainage tubes, the Daily Mail reports.

Lily’s mom is shocked at the boldness of the coyote.

“I would never guess that a coyote, you know, would come out during the day and especially with someone screaming and yelling it still was not fazed,” Dorothy Kwan said. “It just kept coming after her and our dog, you know, despite all the yelling. It was quite aggressive.”

Other coyote sightings were reported in the area, according to Dorothy Kwan. The ministry, she was told, is using electronic collars to track the coyotes. She expresses her disappointment that no one would capture them, but she considers herself fortunate that Macy lived and protected Lily.

The tiny hero will have to pay a hefty vet bill after his surgery. To assist cover the costs, a GoFundMe campaign was started, which has already raised $10,000. The ultimate vet cost has yet to be determined. Pets are not covered by Canada’s free healthcare plan.

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