The Role of Dissidents—Part 6

“In Great Minds, Understanding Communism”

We gave them moral support. We recognized them.
Are Chinese dissidents being received in the White House?
Are they? Maybe they should be.

Soviet dissidents were supported by the Reagan administration and played a key role in the eventual fall of the Soviet empire. The definition of a dissident is “a person who opposes the official policy.”

President Reagan was able to exploit the Soviet dissidents to help form public opinion inside Russia
by allowing them to be heard on broadcasts, such as on Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America.

During the Cold War groups of dissidents helped spread the anti-communist message inside the USSR and throughout the world.

In Part 6 of the BL’s “In Great Minds” series, “Understanding Communism” Dr. John Lenczowski, talks about the crucial role of dissidents during the Cold War.

In Great Minds, presenting Dr. John Lenczowski
President of The Institute of World Politics
Former Principal Advisor to President Reagan on Soviet Affairs
Former Director of European and Soviet Affairs, National Security Council

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