The World Health Organization (WHO) was unable to conduct a full investigation in Wuhan, China, into the origins of the CCP Virus (coronavirus) as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had total control over the proceedings.

A report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported by Breitbart, said everything about the belated investigation that finally occurred in January and February 2021 was under the communist regime’s control, from what foreign scientists could see, to who was to be part of the team.

The only American the CCP would allow on the team was Dr. Peter Daszak. He presides over an institute connected to the Wuhan laboratory from where the virus is suspected of having escaped.

The 13 investigators who finally made it to Wuhan were locked in quarantine for two weeks and then reportedly controlled like laboratory rats by the CCP once their work commenced.

The WHO team was informed by CCP officials it would have to take the CCP’s word on what transpired in Wuhan last year, and the team was forbidden from seeing the original data. Also, the investigators were only allowed three hours at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Chinese lead scientist Liang Wannian refused to acknowledge they had refused to hand over source data to WHO investigators. He claimed there were “no conflicts” at all, reported Breitbart.

“As for the original data of some cases, due to the privacy of patients, according to Chinese laws, we cannot let the international experts copy and take it out of the country, which they fully understood,” he claimed.

“After their field visits and study, the experts team agreed unanimously that it is extremely unlikely that the virus leaked from the [Wuhan] lab, so future virus origins-tracing missions will no longer be focused on this area, unless there is new evidence,” Liang concluded.

The visiting team was even forced to watch CCP political propaganda, taking up precious time from conducting deep investigations into the pandemic origins.

The WSJ said it uncovered “fresh details about the team’s formation and constraints that reveal how little power it had to conduct a thorough, impartial examination—and call into question the clarity its findings appeared to provide.”

Chinese officials reviewed the WHO’s final report and intend to make any changes they deem necessary before the report is published next week.