White House economic adviser Peter Navarro said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was to blame for the spread of the CCP Virus because it had deliberately allowed its citizens to travel abroad before the official declaration of a pandemic was issued.

Navarro, who is also part of the White House CCP virus response team, held a conversation Saturday afternoon with Ali Velshi of MSNBC where he addressed the issue of the CCP’s responsibility for the virus after an increase in infections was reported in several places in the United States.

“I want everybody right here today, as the day before America’s Independence Day, to understand where this virus started—with the Chinese Communist Party that is making us stay locked in our homes and lose our jobs,” Navarro said.

“They spawned the virus. They hid the virus. They sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationalists here to plant and spread the virus,” he added.

Navarro was questioned by Velshi asking him to explain his point of view, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

“Here’s the point: While they were preventing any domestic travel from Wuhan to Beijing or Shanghai, locking down their transportation network, they freely sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals on aircraft to go around the world,” the official explained.

Navarro stressed that the CCP should have issued an early warning once it spread last year, saying it had also been covered up by the World Health Organization, which did not bother to publish a genomic image of the virus, according to Marketwatch.

The official went back to the statements he offered last June 22 about the trade agreement with the CCP, which, according to him, were put out of context, indicating that he had not said that the trade agreement with the CCP had ended, but that what he had said was in reference to the confidence of the United States toward the CCP because of its mishandling of the pandemic.

According to an investigation conducted by the U.S. intelligence community in April, the CCP minimized the emergency in the spread of the CCP Virus, thus misleading the world.

Meanwhile, this week the World Health Organization questioned the transparency of the CCP in keeping the international community informed about the development of the CCP Virus, after changing the timeline of response to the virus, noting that the CCP had not informed the organization about the pandemic.

The CCP denied having been behind a coverup, accusing other countries of politicizing the pandemic.

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