After the theory of the origin of the coronavirus in the Wuhan lab once again gained traction, revealing reports from Chinese sources have begun to surface.

These documents suggest that the virus not only came out of the laboratory belonging to the Chinese city’s Institute of Virology, but that it was part of a People’s Liberation Army biological warfare plan against the United States.

Changjun Wang is a senior officer in the Chinese Army’s Eastern Theater Command, based in Nanjing.

Officially, Wang is the head of the Medical Services Department of the People’s Liberation Army’s Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Wang was responsible for the isolation of the ZC45 and ZXC21 coronaviruses, which according to Chinese dissident virologist Dr. Li-meng Yan, were the basis for the creation of COVID-19.
In other words, Wang was directly involved in experiments on bat coronaviruses that could infect humans. But there is much more.

Senior Officer Wang was particularly interested in investigating how viral respiratory infections are spread, primarily by individuals who show no symptoms of the disease, i.e., asymptomatically.

As part of his controversial work, in 2016, Wang extensively studied adenovirus respiratory infections among the People’s Liberation Army soldiers.

The study was published on the Chinese popular science website, CNKI.

That same year, Wang and his team of Army researchers created epidemiological models, including how these viral respiratory infections could spread from China to the United States.

This work can be found, including in the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Following the line of these papers, the design of COVID-19 could have been based on several characteristics of biological weapons: high contagiousness, low lethality, and a high rate of asymptomatic transmission.

Another important element that the People’s Liberation Army would have worked in its biological weapon is disguising its origin. That is, the ability to evade responsibility for a biological warfare attack by designing a virus that can be attributed to a natural outbreak.

There are still a couple more pieces of information that would reveal the crucial role of Officer Changjun Wang in the orchestration and propagation of this biological weapon.

As is known, after the local authorities in Wuhan lost control of the COVID-19 outbreak, the city was invaded by the People’s Liberation Army.

The Chinese military was tasked to “clean up” Wuhan, leaving no trace of suspicious evidence.

The operation was allegedly carried out by Major General Chen Wei, alleged head of the communist regime’s biological warfare program.

And who was part of General Chen Wei’s team? Yes, you guessed it, Officer Wang.

You could say it was just a fluke, but his appointment seems clearly intentional.

It turns out that the operation was in charge of the army’s Central Theater Command, which has jurisdiction over Wuhan. But Wang belonged to another command, namely the Eastern Theater Command.

In the end, it seems that officer Wang fulfilled the Chinese Communist Party’s plan to perfection.

So much so that in September 2020, he received the “National Medal of Honor” for his COVID-19-related work from CCP leader Xi Jinping himself.

This and so much other evidence that is emerging leads to the suspicion that the Chinese regime has once again lied to the world, and it seems that the time has come to know the truth of what happened.

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