On Wednesday, April 28, Former President Donald Trump teased a 2024 presidential bid, saying that he’ll enter the GOP nomination race “right after” the midterm elections next year and pick a running mate if he runs for the White House Washington Times reported.

“I am giving it the most serious consideration, as you can imagine,” Trump said during an interview on “The Dan Bongino Show.” “If you do it, I think probably the most appropriate time would be right after the ‘22 election.”

“[I] could do it sooner, but I think right after the election would be good—especially if you have a good election,“ he said. 

“Now I am not sure if you didn’t have a good election, I’m not sure that that wouldn’t be good also, if you want to know the truth,” he added.

.@dbongino asks former President Donald Trump:

“Would you consider, if you were to run again, getting out really early, say after the midterm elections?”

Trump: “If I do that… I think probably the most appropriate time would be right after the ’22 election.” pic.twitter.com/9up1Btg5Nl

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) April 28, 2021

In the interview, Trump said that President Biden has messed up the US-Mexico border and that the administration’s push to increase the corporate tax would drive businesses to move to more tax-friendly countries.

Trump said that Biden is receiving praise for the work he did to quickly develop coronavirus (CCP Virus) vaccines. Americans “would probably never have had a vaccine” if it weren’t for his leadership, Trump insisted, suggesting that others purposely postponed the vaccine rollout to affect his election chances.

Trump also repeated his accusations about widespread election fraud in 2020, allegations that led Big Tech companies to censor him in the months since the 2020 election. 

Interview censored by YouTube

Not long after the interview, YouTube sent a message to the radio show host notifying that the video had been removed from its platform, Washington Examiner reported.

“Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our spam, deceptive practices and scams policy,” the video-sharing platform wrote to Bongino, according to a screenshot he posted on his website.

“But you wouldn’t have heard any of it on YouTube, which is apparently attempting to justify censoring it under the guise of their ‘deceptive practices and scams’ policy, as opposed to their ‘we don’t like Trump’ policy,” the post on the Bongino’s show said.

Recently, other conservatives like Sebastian Gorka and Rudy Giuliani have been suspended from YouTube for violating the platform’s “presidential election integrity policy,” and Trump has been banned from many social media outlets for his election fraud charges and comments surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill breach.