• FEMA sends test of 'presidential alert' system to cellphones
  • South Carolina shooting injures 3 deputies, 2 officers
  • Christine Blasey Ford can't keep her Kavanaugh assault story straight
  • Melania Trump’s Africa trip could provide the best kind of US outreach

Here are the latest and top stories today:

FEMA sends test of ‘presidential alert’ system to cellphones

No need to panic. You aren’t the only one who just received an alert from the president of the United States.

On Wednesday at 2:18 p.m. ET, smartphones in the U.S. were buzzing with a test of a “presidential alert,” managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to warn residents about national emergencies.

“The test will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether improvements are needed,” read a statement from FEMA ahead of the alert test. (View more).

South Carolina shooting injures 3 deputies, 2 officers

A suspect was in custody after an “active shooter incident” in Florence, South Carolina on Wednesday reportedly left five law enforcement officers wounded.

Three sheriff’s deputies and two police officers were injured in the incident, according to The Associated Press. Their conditions were not immediately known. (View more)

Christine Blasey Ford can’t keep her Kavanaugh assault story straight

Focusing on the professor’s testimony reveals numerous inconsistencies in her narrative that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.

As a sex-crimes prosecutor, Republican questioner Rachel Mitchell is well-positioned to “know it when she sees it.” But rather than see Ford as a victim of sexual abuse by Kavanaugh, Mitchell saw her as a witness lacking in credibility. And this conclusion comes from an expert who knows that there are many reasons victims delay reporting sexual abuse. Mitchell also recognized that victims may legitimately not remember certain details related to an attack. (More on USA Today)

(Photo: AP)

Melania Trump’s Africa trip could provide the best kind of US outreach

Given Mrs. Trump’s deep interest in fostering youth engagement and developing young leaders – as embodied by her “Be Best” initiative – Africa is an apt destination. Her visit is an opportunity to showcase America’s support of democracy, human rights and female entrepreneurship on the continent.

Mrs. Trump has a demonstrated interest in children’s rights and development. I know this from having worked with her and with several of her colleagues at the White House on various issues. (More on Fox News)


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