Controversy has once again arisen over the didactic material that is being offered to children in their first years of schooling in public schools in the United States. Now a new book has emerged that teaches them the “evil of whiteness” and that the white race is linked to the devil and to a sort of “satanic pact through which they are given supremacy, power and wealth”.

The conservative website Frontpagemag reported that the book that has set alarm bells ringing for millions of parents is called “Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness (Ordinary Terrible Things),” which was written by a white woman, Anastasia Higginbotham.

Like many of its ilk, on the surface, it appears to be a harmless, childish book about race. But a brief look at it quickly reveals it to be a perfect anti-white indoctrination manual.

The book, clearly framed as Critical Race Theory (CRT), teaches children on the basis of an unfounded generalization that whites are undisputed racist oppressors and blacks are eternal victims of this supposed white supremacy.

As writer Christopher F. Rufo reports, the book is already on the reading lists of more than 25 school districts in at least 12 states. across the country.

“At least 25 public school districts in 12 states are now teaching ‘Not My Idea,’ a book that claims ‘whiteness’ is the devil, luring children with the promise of ‘stolen land [and] stolen riches.’ Critical race theory is driving public education—and must be stopped,” read a message posted on Twitter by Rufo on July 8.

Rufo then posted another message listing all public school districts that are teaching Not My Idea.

Not My Idea tells the story of a white family in which the parents raise their children by suppressing information regarding alleged police violence against blacks, seeking to suggest that whites often turn a blind eye to this form of racial injustice and, by failing to oppose it and teaching their children to do so as well, end up inevitably becoming complicit in this injustice and also in perpetuating white supremacy. 

There is no scientific basis for such claims, which is evidence that they are the product of a radicalized leftist ideology that simply seeks to sow hatred, confrontation, and rancor where there is no real conflict.

Critics are particularly concerned about a section of the book that features a white character with a red devil’s tail on its end, offering a sort of deal to the book’s main character through a “Contract binding him to whiteness.” 

The “satanic contract” promises offers of “stolen land,” “stolen riches,” and “special favors,” presumably derived from and to the detriment of people of color, in exchange, the devil gets the character’s soul and with it the right to “mess endlessly with the lives of your friends, neighbors, loved ones, and all human beings of color.”

Also in the news recently was the publication of a new book aimed at children under the age of 13, which aims to normalize abortion as “just another possible outcome of pregnancy.” The controversial book, in addition to being available in bookstores, will be offered at abortion clinics and public libraries across the country in the coming months, Breitbart reported

Both books are further proof of the effective attempt to indoctrinate American children from an early age with these ideologies that confront the traditional values on which the Founding Fathers founded the nation. 

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