Wealthy Mexicans are crossing the border into Texas on private jets to get vaccinated against the CCP virus when there are hundreds of thousands of Americans waiting for the vaccine, according to a Western Journal report.

The safety of the experimental vaccines against the CCP Virus, which recently began to be administered worldwide with an emergency permit from health agencies (they are not officially approved), is questionable as thousands of deaths have been reported in the last three months.

However, millions of people want to be vaccinated in the United States, and public funds are utilized to pay for these vaccines. But there are people from other countries such as Mexico where the rollout is very slow, who pay to skip the line, even chartering a private jet to fly into Texas to get their shots. It shows the degree of corruption of certain governments and outrages the public.

Texas State Senator Eddie Morales (D), whose district faces the Mexican border, says he is getting calls from his constituents angry at reports that wealthy Mexicans are posting photos on their social media sites boasting that they have received the vaccine while seniors in Texas are still waiting their turn.

“I was receiving calls from people saying, ‘Hey, what’s going on? I can’t get a vaccine from my father who’s over age 65, and yet these people are coming in and cutting in line,'” Morales told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

Mauricio Fernandez Garza, a 70-year-old three-time mayor of Monterrey, Mexico, traveled to Texas on a private jet the day after Biden took office to receive the vaccine and posted a photo of the CDC certificate on his Facebook account.

According to Fernandez, thousands of wealthy Mexicans are doing the same.

Juan Jose Origel, a Mexican TV host, also posted a photo of receiving the vaccine on his Twitter account. 

In another post on his Instagram account, he even went so far as to boast that he wasn’t even asked for a ‘visa’ to enter.

The problem apparently lies in the fact that U.S. authorities do not ask for proof of citizenship from those who show up to get vaccinated.

Despite Governor Greg Abbot saying that “U.S. vaccines are for U.S. residents. Texas vaccines are for Texas residents,” officials in charge of vaccination were ordered not to ask questions people about their citizenship or place of residence.
A similar situation took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A well-known local writer reported receiving an invitation from the wife of the governor of Buenos Aires to be vaccinated first.
Although the governor said that the proposal was intended as an awareness campaign in his defense, it later came to light that dozens of people considered ‘VIP’ by the socialist government of Alberto Fernandez received the vaccine at the same health ministry without waiting for their turn.

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