A consumer who viciously abused the elderly Asian owners of a store in Dallas, Texas, has a change of heart after the victims fight back and defeat the attacker in a fisticuff match on Friday, June 18.

In video footage, the attacker’s companions could be heard expressing their displeasure with the turn of events, regretting that the elderly business owners fought back and prevailed.

The assailant who may have been female stormed behind the counter while wearing pants printed with the words “NO CAP” and shoving one store employee. The video was taken by someone who appears to be a friend of the attacker.

While battling with and assaulting another elderly proprietor, the assailant yelled, “Don’t disrespect me!” “[Expletive] is wrong with you!”

After the first victim came back to the counter with a silver revolver, the attacker’s friend exclaimed, “Don’t shoot her!” “Don’t shoot her!”

The store employees then took control of the situation, punching the assailant in the stomach, head, and anywhere else they could find a target.

“Chill out, chill out, alright chill out, alright chill out,” the assailant who was unabashedly attacking the store owners only moments before pleads.

“Aw man, that n***a got a pistol fam, they got a pistol, he got a pistol, that’s the only reason I ain’t gone back there yet,” the cameraman said, adding the threat “I know, I’m gonna get him when he comes out, he got that gun right there fam.”

The cameraman began screaming at the victims to stop their retaliatory acts against the assailant after stating his intentions to “get” the business owners: “That’s enough, that’s enough, that’s enough, hey, hey!”

The video then abruptly came to an end. It’s unclear whether or not police were called to the scene.

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