The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, sent a letter to President Joe Biden, demanding his administration to return border lands seized by the federal government to build a wall in his state, considering that the new federal government strictly canceled the plans to continue with the works.

“I write now to demand that you immediately return to Texans any land taken by the federal government but not used for building a border wall,” Abbott wrote in his letter dated Wednesday, June 16.

The governor recalled in his letter that the Trump administration previously used “expropriation powers” to obtain property along the entire U.S.-Mexico border for the purpose of building the border wall with federal funds, as one of the many policies implemented by his administration to reduce illegal immigration.

The current President Biden issued executive orders to cancel the construction of the wall, however so far he has not made any kind of return of the confiscated lands.

In light of this situation, Abbott decided to write a personal letter to Biden demanding the return of said lands, with the purpose of following through with his recently announced plan to continue with the construction of the wall with state funds.

“Texas stands ready to build the wall in Texas, and we have begun the process of hiring a manager to oversee that project. We will look first at using state property and donated private property,” the governor said, referring to recent announcements that he would prepare a plan to build the barrier along the border.

Concurrently, Abbott announced Wednesday at a press conference the initial investment of $250 million in a disaster fund to build wall systems along its border with Mexico. The $250 million is being transferred from funds allocated from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Breitbart reported.

During the conference Abbott took the opportunity to once again claim that the responsibility for securing the international border and the safety of U.S. citizens is a responsibility of the federal government.

“While securing the international border and protecting the lives and property of its citizens surrounding that border is a duty of the federal government, the current administration has demonstrated time and again its unwillingness to assume this fundamental responsibility.”

But given the Biden administration’s failure to do so, Abbott and his staff decided to sacrifice some state funding in order to protect the safety of Texans. 

Paradoxically, “the federal government is spending seemingly all of its resources concerning the border on the people who are trying to enter into the state of Texas.” Abbott denounced during the conference.

The governor also announced a website, , where people can learn about the plans and contribute money to help build the wall. 

“Many have already sent checks to the State of Texas for this purpose and many more have a desire to do so,” the governor said. “This provides a donation site, as well as the site we can find out more information about what the process is about building the border wall.”

Abbott has plenty of arguments to carry out the actions he is implementing, in fact in the letter written to the president he named the main reason for his actions, referring to the fact that according to border authorities, at least 180,000 cases of illegal immigrants were detected in the month of May alone.