During a conference in 2018, Dr. Ralph Baric, a Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborator and gain-of-function advocate, has advised attendees on how to “make money” in the next pandemic.

Dr. Ralph Baric has attended multiple conferences at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Wuhan’s “bat woman” Shi Zhengli has once described him as one of her “longtime collaborators”, National Pulse has revealed.

He claimed that lifting limitations on gain-of-function research is “critical,” and he supplied humanized mice to the Wuhan lab, which likely has conducted controversial research with SARS-like coronaviruses.

“Gain-of-function represents one of those approaches that is a crucial tool for public health preparedness and response,” Baric stated while campaigning against a moratorium on gain-of-function research in 2014.

In 2018 he gave a speech called “Imagining the Next Flu Pandemic – and Preventing it!” at an event hosted at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. At the speech, he presents a slide titled “Global Catastrophe: Opportunities Exist.” 

The presentation shows which stocks and industries increased in value during the Ebola outbreak, which he then uses to extrapolate financial advice on how to “make money in the next pandemic.”

“I wanted to give you good news. There are winners out there, right? So if you ever want to be prepared and make money in the next pandemic, if that’s what you want to do, buy stock in Hazmat suit makers and protective clothing or companies that make antiviral drugs for that particular pandemic,” he notes.

Baric adds that the aforementioned sectors and equities would “probably do pretty well,” then pointing out that “there are actually mutual funds for pandemic preparedness.” 

“Some products do well. 1918 including masks, same thing today,” he advises.

“Pandemics really are times of opportunity,” Baric says as he speaks over the next slide calledd “Pandemics: Opportunity.”

“There is an opportunity for people to have political gain, financial gain, and personal gain during times of social upheaval, and that will probably occur,” he said.


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