Given the alarming conditions currently experienced in the United States due to the advance of the CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party Virus) outbreak, the city of San Francisco decided to impose stricter measures, now restricting the use of reusable bags.

The order, which was issued Tuesday, March 31, was established as a measure to establish lifestyle changes for citizens of the six-county Bay Area and to follow up on a national order of March 16 specifying that millions of residents stay in their homes.

The Bay Area is known for being among the first regions in the country to implement a ban on plastic bags since 2007. According to the Daily News, the new order, which runs until May 3, is intended to counteract the spread of coronavirus in the region.

“Today we officially extended the stay-at-home health order through May 3. I want to thank the people of San Francisco for continuing to do their part to save lives. I know this isn’t easy but we will get through it together,” announced San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

The new measure generated discontent among environmental activists who defended the use of reusable bags, arguing the environmental impact of replacing the bags with disposable plastic ones.

According to Politico, among some of the other measures implemented by businesses in the counties is a significant reduction of those businesses that can remain open to the public and more serious restrictions for those that still operate.

Control measures include grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants that still provide take-out or delivery services. Under the new requirements, customers are not allowed to “bring their own bags, jars, or other reusable items from home.

As Politico pointed out, the plastics industry has been lobbying at the federal level and has spoken out to several states noting that reusable bags are often a focus for the coronavirus since they are rarely washed.

Meanwhile, recycling advocates indicated that they prefer a policy that allows store customers to still carry the reusable bags for their purchases, although they said that supermarket workers do not have to fill them.

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