After one of the founders of the progressive organization Project Lincoln, John Weaver, admitted to seeking out young men for sex, more than $11 million was diverted to enrich its leaders it was revealed.

This anti-Trump organization is applauded by the media because its goal was to defeat President Trump at the polls on Nov. 3, but its corruption scandal is exploding, according to The National Pulse on Jan. 18.

The financial records of the Lincoln Project show that Summit Strategic Communications LLC, owned by Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Gallen, earned $6.16 million in 2020, making it the highest-paid entity in the organization.

Likewise, founder and adviser Ron Steslow and his company “Tusk Digital” received more than $4 million.

In addition, over half a million dollars was given to seven other managers. They also spent tens of thousands of dollars on vacation rentals.

One of the co-founders even took pride in paying waitresses 50% of the bills in tips.

The Lincoln Project spent millions of dollars on the U.S. presidential election process, trying to defeat President Trump, and in support of the Democratic campaign, while continuing to use methods of extreme persecution against Republican supporters.

Last year the group was heavily criticized when it asked its followers through its official Twitter account to annoy two lawyers that were, at the time helping represent the Trump campaign in election lawsuits by posting their photos and contact information in a “make them famous” tweet.

That’s how the Lincoln Project instructed their affiliates to harass the lawyers from Jones Day and Porter Wright, that were supporting Trump’s re-election campaign, in order to make them quit their jobs, as seen in one of their tweets.

“Defend your democracy:

1. Created a LinkedIn account.

2. Message someone who works at @JonesDay or @PorterWright

3. Ask them how they can work for an organization trying to overturn the will of the American people.”

This dirty way of doing politics, bordering on illegal, is the typical format of the radical left, which only aims to achieve its objectives regardless of what happens during the process, leaving aside in its actions all kinds of values, ethics, and legal processes.