As President Donald Trump boarded Marine One, he told reporters on July 7, he wants “members of the press to go in and see” the migrant detention centers.

The president’s comments came after a scathing report was published by The New York Times about conditions in U.S. southern border detainment facilities that house migrants who cross the border into the United States illegally.

The president and his administration had warned of the humanitarian crisis at the border, expecting it would reach a highly critical stage, with the numbers of migrants far surpassing the occupancy rate that border detention facilities can handle. 

In mid-February, the president declared the crisis at the border a national emergency and attempted to redirect funds to make upgrades necessary to fix the heavily flawed immigration system, as well as expanding efforts to handle the influx of illegal immigrants seeking asylum.

The Trump administration’s latest funding request to aid the humanitarian crisis at the southern border was on May 1. [PDF]

However, only recently, on June 27, did the House pass a $4.6 billion Senate bill to send emergency funding to the border.

This delay has left many of the centers with extreme overcrowding, not enough staff, and a lack of resources to comfortably care for all of the people in the centers.

“I want the press to go in and see them,” President Trump said, adding, “ And I just spoke to Mark Morgan. … We’re going to send people in. We’re going to have some of the press go in.”

Mark Morgan is acting commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection agency.

President Trump said the detention centers are crowded, “and we’re the ones complaining that they’re crowded. They’re crowded because people come up.”

“But now, thanks to Mexico, it’s slowing down greatly,” he added.

“The New York Times—it really is fake news,” said the president.

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