A report released Friday by British researchers claims that global solar panel production is being driven by the forced labor of Uighur Muslims by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Xinjiang province, China. Thus, a significant part of the global supply chain of one of the primary alternative sources proposed by the Biden administration to replace fossil fuels is tainted with blood and corruption.

New research from Sheffield Hallam University suggests that much of the world’s solar panel production depends on exploiting the Uighur population and other ethnic and religious minorities in China.

The research suggests that the CCP has between 71% and 97% of the world’s capacity for various solar panel components. Xinjiang alone produces nearly half of the world’s solar-grade polysilicon and is home to factories for some of the industry’s major players.

At least four of the most prominent manufacturers of solar panels use polysilicon contaminated by forced labor. The study urges producers to source the raw material elsewhere.

As reported by CNN, when asked Wednesday about allegations that forced labor in Xinjiang has tainted solar panel supply chains, China’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying called such claims false. That is always China’s response despite all the empirical evidence showing egregious persecution of the Uighur people and various other religious and spiritual minorities such as Christians and Falun Gong practitioners.

“The global demand for solar energy has encouraged Chinese companies to go to great lengths to make our climate responsibility as inexpensive as possible,” the report states, “but it comes at great cost to the workers who labor at the origin of the supply chain.”

The research was co-authored by Laura Murphy, professor of human rights and contemporary slavery at Sheffield Hallam University’s Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice, and supply chain analyst Nyrola Elimä, who lived in the Uighur region for 19 years.

The report was developed under the supervision of “experts on forced labor and supply chains fluent in Chinese, Uighur and English.”

Hundreds of quotes from corporate disclosures, government statements, state media articles, social media posts, industry reports, and publicly available satellite images were sourced. Analysis conducted on more than 30 solar product companies determined that the production of panels uses forced labor in their supply chains.

Meanwhile, many countries are betting on solar as a necessary form of renewable energy as they work to move away from more polluting energy sources. Such is the case of the Biden administration in the United States, which proposes as part of its globalist agenda to dismantle the traditional energy industry and replace it, among other technologies, with solar energy.

The CCP has generated growing international condemnation for its treatment of the Uighur minority, including allegations of mass detentions and systematic human rights abuses, such as forced labor, forced sterilization of women, torture, and death.

The former Trump administration, like other world powers, declared the persecution of the Uighurs a proven genocide.

The Biden administration’s energy plan is based mainly on solar panels produced as a product of the Uighur genocide. If it continues using solar panels made by slave labor, it will tarnish progress in fighting for human rights by the United States.