A group of upperclassmen at Reidsville Senior High School in Reidsville, North Carolina, including some student athletes befriended a freshman who did not have anyone to sit with during lunch on his first day of school.

Caleb Wrenn,14, texted his older sister Leah about his first day as a freshman at Reidsville High School.

“Nobody will eat lunch with me,” Wrenn texted her, “I sat alone at lunch and got lost three times.”

“At lunch, I had sat alone and I was actually getting called short and stuff,” Wrenn told WXII 12 News. “I was used to getting picked on for my height and I wasn’t that upset when it happened in high school because I assumed it would.”

So, Leah took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it to her Twitter hoping to make Wrenn feel more welcomed.

“Retweet to let my baby brother know that he is cool before I have to pull up to RHS,” she wrote.

After the tweet blew up on social media, some upperclassmen football players took notice and decided to show Wrenn what it means to be a true friend.

They surprised Wrenn and made him feel welcome in the new environment.

“We decided to catch him off guard at lunch and have lunch with him and show him around the school and make sure he was okay and give him new friends,” Demontez Canada, a senior at Reidsville Senior HS and member of the football teams, said.

“I feel like everybody should be treated the same and nobody is perfect, everybody should be able to get along and be friends. Here at Reidsville HS, it’s a community,” Canada added.

Not only that, several team members even requested to change their lunchtimes so that they could continue to spend time with Caleb, according to WFMY.

Caleb said on his Twitter account, “To all the people who pick on others I just wanna say, you may have been led down the wrong path but it’s never too late to turn back and just love everyone because that’s why God created us to love each other.”