A hospital in New Jersey mistakenly gave the wrong patient a kidney transplant who happens to have the same name as the intended recipient.

A Virtua Health representative confirmed that on Nov. 18 in Camden, New Jersey, a 51-year-old patient underwent a successful kidney transplant. The next day, a medical team member of the hospital found that the kidney was accidentally given to the wrong person and was meant to go on the waiting list to a priority patient.

According to the representative, the two patients involved in the mix-up have the same name and are around the same age.

Six days later, the hospital said the second patient underwent a successful transplant. Both patients are doing well with transplantation.

The medical director and transplant coordinator also visited and apologized to the patient who should’ve received the kidney.

“This is an unprecedented event in our respected 40-plus-year transplant program. As an organization committed to safety and process, we immediately instituted additional measures and educational reinforcement to help ensure this does not happen again,” the hospital said in a statement.

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