An initiative to investigate the possible criminal activities of the Biden family, which includes U.S. President Joe Biden, presented by the government watchdog, Judicial Watch, surpasses 317,000 signatures of people supporting it.

“There is substantial evidence, from documents and witness statements, that the Biden family, including President Joe Biden, may have been involved in criminal activity involving, among other issues, foreign entities tied to Ukraine and China,” Judicial Watch explains according to Breitbart on July 12. 

It also emphasizes that although the FBI has documents involving Biden’s multi-billion dollar international business dealings, there is a conflict of interest that interferes with any transparent investigation. 

“A special counsel should immediately be appointed because the Biden Justice Department is conflicted in investigating any matter that could implicate President Biden or his immediate family,” Judicial Watch adds on the page hosting the petition. 

At least since 2013, irregular activities have been traced that could mean there was an illegal advantage being taken by the then U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

In that year, they traveled together to China, on Air Force Two, and ten days later, Hunter’s small company received a billion dollars from the Chinese communist regime, as explained by the president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) during a 2019 appearance with Sean Hannity, cites Breitbart.

The multiple businesses in which President Biden’s brother Jim Biden has also been involved spread across many countries. Despite claims and criticism even now, the White House continues to protect the most recent: the sale of paintings.

Furthermore, the Biden administration guarantees that the names of the buyers of the works of art produced by Hunter Biden, whose prices are around half a million dollars, will not be known. 

“This is an absurd solution,” said author Peter Schweizer, adding, “The only way to address these issues is with greater transparency—not less.” 

On the other hand, at least since 2015, the FBI has in its possession the alleged evidence provided by the whistleblower, Dennis L. Montgomery, who worked as a contractor for the security services and who in 2013 decided to start whistleblowing on all the irregularities he learned about during the Obama administration. 

This whistleblower reportedly turned over 47 hard drives implicating the Biden’s in about 10,000 pages that included photos and videos, out of the total of 600 million pages collected, according to The American, Oct. 25. 

Montgomery realized, firsthand, that the powerful surveillance system he had built himself as a contractor, THE HAMMER, was being used illegally against all kinds of U.S. entities and citizens, including the Bidens. 

“All Federal agencies were ‘hacked’ and their information gathered at the agency, including the White House and its employees,” Montgomery said.

Additionally, the FBI reportedly has copies of hard drives obtained by the New York Post from December 2020, containing tens of thousands of documents with more evidence about Biden’s controversial activities.

But the FBI has not initiated investigations into those facts, which would underscore Judicial Watch’s argument about conflicts of interest in the Biden administration, necessitating the independent investigation for which it is seeking additional signatures. 

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