More than 160 Minnesota principals and assistant principals have joined together in a campaign to guide the education they provide with the goal of “de-centering whiteness,” and “dismantling practices that reinforce white academic superiority.”

To this end, they signed a statement containing the principles they propose to combat alleged racism in the schools in which they participate, according to RedState on Aug. 16. 

Their internet statement invites others who share their ideas to freely join their movement. 

“De-centering Whiteness. Understanding that traditional organized whiteness ensures domination through forms like PTAs and Unions,” according to the statement of principles. 

It adds, “We purposefully call out and lift up historically non-represented voices of color in our spaces to hold weight and power.”

It also says, “Dismantling practices that reinforce White academic superiority like bias in testing and the labeling, tracking and clustering that reflect an Americanized version of a caste system in our schools.”

It likewise traces the origins of their movement back to 1957, when there was a March on Washington for civil rights, led by the late Congressman Rep. John Lewis.

The organizers consider through their web page that they will get into ‘good trouble’ in order to achieve their objectives, and that their militancy will not be temporary but permanent.  

For author Sarah Lee, this is an example of how current education in schools is developing. She likens it to “the pervasive adoption of radical coursework like the Marxist-inspired critical race theory.” 

CRT posits that racism in the United States is structural and that it only occurs when it is exercised by whites towards other races, which has triggered a controversial social reaction in the country.

Activists from the movement focus on deconstructing the factors that supposedly foster this form of racism, which they believe remains implicit in laws, education, public policies, and other areas of culture.

Political trends have even been noted, with Democrats endorsing woke indoctrination to gain empathy from non-white racial diversity supporters in the United States.

However, it also appears to incite racial hatred towards innocent people and could destroy the Republican heritage by branding it as racist. 

On the other hand, it seeks to empower African Americans and people of minority races but by trying to fight and subjugate whites. 

Many parents have protested against educating their children in CRT theory, resulting in some states like Iowa and Texas banning CRT from the school curriculum.

According to the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s Republican governor, Kim Reynolds, enacted a law on June 8 that prohibits CRT from being promoted or taught in the state’s schools.

In a statement, the governor said she was very proud to have worked with the legislature in order to “promote learning, not discriminatory indoctrination.”

For Reynolds, CRT is nothing more than stereotypes and labels and teaches children that instead of judging someone by their character or personality, they should be judged by their race, sexual identity or gender.

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