On Tuesday, June 22, an electric advisory road sign on a Miami highway was hacked to read some messages relating to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus (or COVID-19) pandemic. 

Early morning on June 22, the sign on the 863 near the exit to Northwest 27th Avenue was reading “vaccine kills,” “arrest Fauci,” and “COVID was a hoax,” to the traveling public. Evidently, it was hacked. Miami-Dade Expressway Authority officials noticed the error and fixed it several hours later.

It is no longer strange for roadside billboards to get hacked and show unexpected messages to drivers—it has happened multiple times. All that’s needed is to find out the default password.

Usually, the manipulated signs would read messages such as “zombies ahead” or political views. This time the electric sign in Miami highway read the kind of opinion that would most likely be ruthlessly filtered online, especially the one about the experimental vaccines.

Not so strange is that the post is no longer visible on Twitter.

Facing relentless endorsement of multiple governments, people are resisting—not everyone is convinced of putting their trust in the experimental vaccine.

Breakthrough cases (when a person still tested positive for CCP Virus after being vaccinated), and federal reports cannot omit that the doses could cause adverse side effects such as blood clots and heart inflammation which can even lead to death cause concern.

While the chances are low, counts of death after the injection had amounted to nearly 6,000 cases, according to National File, which reported from the VAERS database.

Against the odds, most health officials inside the United States and the mainstream media still insist that the advantages of getting the vaccines are much greater than the risks, calling for more public trust in the doses.

Meanwhile, although calling for Fauci’s removal from his current post as the White House health advisor is not censored, his name has indeed been mentioned negatively by many Americans in recent months.

His stance in dealing with the raging virus was disapproved by many. But it was the unearthed emails that exposed many of his personal perspectives about the CCP Virus at the beginning of June, which do not match his public self, that fanned the flames even more fiercely.

According to the Washington Examiner, the emails provided more clues about his potential role in the alleged gain-of-function research on coronavirus with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This type of research involves manipulating a virus’s genetic code to make it more contagious, more lethal and giving it the ability to infect human cells to project a possible pandemic. 

Theories suggested that the virus did not evolve naturally, as claimed by the CCP. The CCP Virus or SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 disease) first emerged after being engineered in a Wuhan lab as a type of bioweapon and escaped accidentally. 

As head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), there is evidence that Fauci funded the research with nearly $600,000 taxpayer money, which he denied in a Senate hearing in May. 

The email suggested Fauci was worried information about the funding would be leaked to the public, which he denied and said it was taken out of context. 

But then there was an email that he sent to a woman in February last year when he said he did not think masks would effectively reduce the risks of contracting the virus. This was a clear contrast to his public support of mask-wearing. At one point, he even wore double masks. 

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