America would no longer have gun control, hate crime, mass shootings, homelessness, organized crime, security issues, or pollution problems if Democrat-run cities were to upgrade their moral fiber.

Democracy seems to be responsible for making America an insecure and grubby nation, full of racism.

Most of the above problems only occur in cities run by Democrats and media allies, and these problems keep repeating.

In rural USA–MAGA Land, most people own guns, but people live peacefully, they are friendly, there’s no violence, nor discrimination. Clean air, water, streets, safe, in harmony with nature. Democrats and allied media have attacked Trump and American citizens with violence and racism in direct contradiction of the United States Constitution.

Of course, there are things to address in rural America, like reducing poverty and solving drug abuse problems. Still, there is no murder and violence associated with drugs like in the big Democrat-run cities.

This weekend gives a snapshot of the country’s woes. Rural America enjoyed peace, quiet, and brotherhood, but life in towns governed by Democrats manifested a hell of crime, homelessness, and racism.

A 15-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl have been charged with the felony murder of Mohammad Anwar during a carjacking that included suspected taser torture.

And what does D.C.’s Democrat mayor propose as the solution? The victims should be held responsible.


Meanwhile, 30 people were shot at over the weekend in Chicago, which Democrats govern. 30! All in the same place. Over a single weekend, three people lost their lives.

Meanwhile, in Oregon, Antifa is allowed to spread terror to the American people without fear. 

Things have gotten so bad in Baltimore, Maryland, run solely by Democrats since 1967, that the city has stopped investigating those wrongdoings altogether. If you thought things in Baltimore were terrible before, shudder at today’s situation.

Carjackings in Democrat-controlled D.C. are up 350 percent this year, following a 150 percent rise the previous year.

Dear Democrats, you should probably ask the American people for advice on our way of life, our freedom of speech instead of blaming Trump supporters.