Lauren Witzke, a former Republican Senate candidate and an America First organizer has decided to sue Wells Fargo over what she claims was a politically based action to close her bank account.

Wells Fargo, headquartered in San Francisco, is an American multinational financial services corporation founded in 1852. Wells Fargo offers banking, investment, and mortgage products and services, consumer and commercial lending. It operates out of 31 nations and territories.

Witzke will take legal action and file complaints against Wells Fargo for breaking federal and state banking rules, discriminating against her based on her religious/political convictions, and breaching her consumer rights, she announced on her Telegram channel. “We’re fighting back. Hold the Line now, or lose everything and be thrown in the gulags later”, she added.

Many conservative people, organizations, and businesses have been denied access to banking services, supposedly because of their political opinions. Witzke was one of them.

Andrew Torba, the founder and CEO of Gab, revealed earlier this year that he and his social media platform had been blocked from four banks in four weeks due to media attacks saying the site is a “haven for extremists” and other false statements.

However, in an email to National File, Wells Fargo said that the decision to close Witzke’s account was not based on her “political views or affiliations,” but rather on “a number of reasons,” and that they examined that issue and handled it accordingly.

Witzke also discussed Wells Fargo’s decision to refuse bank access to her political advisor Pete D’Abrosca, who is of Arab heritage. “Undeniably targeted, politically motivated, and not to mention, racist!” she exclaimed.

D’Abrosca found on Tuesday, June 15, that his Wells Fargo savings account had been closed “with no explanation. @WellsFargo just closed my accounts with no explanation. I’m sure it has nothing to do with my political opinions,” D’Abrosca wrote on Twitter.

Witzke had her account canceled by Wells Fargo on the same day, leaving her stranded out of state with no money.

Witzke wrote on Telegram, “Wells Fargo has shut down my bank account, taking all of my money and leaving me with a zero balance. When I called Wells Fargo told me that it was a “business decision” and that they have the right to close my account at any time.”

Witzke is currently a broadcaster for TruNews, a Christian broadcast network, and has advocated for America First policies, including collaborating with other conservative activists Nick Fuentes, Laura Loomer, and Michelle Malkin to campaign for a stronger anti-Big Tech in Florida.

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