Reports of adverse reactions from eight people who received the CCP Virus vaccine shot have forced the fourth temporary closing of a Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccination site. The site closed this time is the Cumming Fairgrounds in Forsyth County, Georgia.

After the J&J jab, one patient was hospitalized, but after treatment was allowed back home, seven others were sent home after being monitored at the vaccination site.

Georgia Department of Public Health announced the suspension of J&J distribution later on Friday, yet said the site would continue to administer the two-shot Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. 

When eight vaccinated individuals were reported with adverse reactions on Wednesday, 425 J&J vaccines had been given out at the Forsyth County site. According to health department officials, thousands of J&J doses have been given throughout the state before but were all normal.

“It was a fainting issue,” Dave Palmer, North Georgia Health District spokesperson, declared, reported by WSB-TV. “We don’t think it’s anything with the vaccine. It’s probably more environmental factors.”

Palmer attributed the environmental factor to the temperature at the site, which could have been too hot. The building, however, where the vaccine was administered was “built like a barn.”

“That facility is hard to cool, and we do have fans there, but it was a warmer day,” Palmer said. “I think the heat may have had some bearing on it. We’re not sure.”

Officials believed the reactions were typical of those seen in adults who had been vaccinated with any regular vaccine. However, the decision to halt the J&J CCP Virus one-shot was still reached after further evaluation. 

In a Public Health commissioner statement, Dr. Kathleen Toomey said, “There is no reason to believe there is anything wrong with the vaccine itself, and other individuals who have received the J&J vaccine should not be concerned.” 

Toomey also took into account the possibility of environmental conditions that prompted the reactions in his statement. “We are looking into what happened and what may have caused the reactions, including the conditions at the fairgrounds such as heat and the ability to keep the site cool.”

Before Georgia, three other states that postponed the J&J one-shot distribution due to reports of severe side effects are North Carolina, Iowa, and Colorado. 

A huge vaccination site in Denver halted operations Wednesday, and another in Raleigh, N.C., stopped using the J&J vaccine Thursday. The Centers for Disease Control is also investigating a shutdown in Iowa, according to the AP.

Last month, 15 million doses of the J&J vaccine were reportedly ruined after a mix-up occurred due to human error.

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