Renowned author and host Sean Hannity highlighted that President Joe Biden might need a break after his first day in office in which he lost his patience in the face of a reporter’s question.

“Apparently, one serious question from a reporter was too much for him,” Hannity commented on his Fox News program on Jan. 21. 

In this case, Associated Press News reporter Zeke Miller asked Biden if the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccination goal shouldn’t be set “higher” to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated.

To which Biden responded vehemently, “When I announced it, everyone said it wasn’t possible. Come on, give me a break, man.”

Hannity found this expression revealing: “Yes, the new president gave us his first official ‘Come on, man.

Earlier, Biden, 78, had reported on his plan to administer 100 million vaccines during the first days of his term. 

Hannity emphasized, “The country should be shocked tonight, Mr. Unity, Mr. frail, weak, cognitively challenged Joe, I know this is beyond your bedtime. Maybe you might consider standing up to the radicalism in your own party and end the charade right now.”

It should be noted that the Trump administration managed to develop in the record time of nine months the vaccine that Biden would now finish implementing. 

His job would be to continue the vaccination that former U.S. President Donald Trump had in place across the country, which had already reached some 15.1 million people.

Trump brokered a $1.95 billion deal with pharmaceutical companies BioNtech and Pfizer, under which the U.S. would get 100 million doses of the vaccine and could buy an additional 500 million doses.

The first day of the Biden administration was marked by the signing of more than a dozen executive orders to destroy Trump’s achievements. 

There are many aspects of Biden’s newly initiated mandate that cause strangeness, if not rejection and indignation.

Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti notes the absence of the expected demonstrations of jubilation from the globalists.   

“However, one of the most prominent members of the globalist cabal like George Soros has said nothing in particular about Biden’s ‘victory,'” wrote Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti, in one of his tweets.

“He has not expressed any feeling of joy or relief. If globalism definitely “won,” why doesn’t the system seem so sure about it?”, Sacchetti asks implying uncertainty as to Biden’s performance. 

For many, the void left by President Trump’s defeat is immense. One Twitter user inserts a video of a citizen who, while weeping, deplores that Trump is not in office and that he may have to emigrate from his beloved country. (In English).

“Trump supporters should not be so fragile. They should stand up for the path Trump has blazed!” opines user @TuCaoFakeNews, (translated from Chinese).

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