Leading medical scientist Dr. Pierre Kory, of the Front Line Critical Care Alliance COVID-19, (FICC) charged that WHO’s suppression of the use of ivermectin against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus would have caused the loss of nearly “half a million lives.”

Kory led a scientific review involving 469 scientists and 18,447 patients, according to which there is an improvement in 85 percent of cases when using ivermectin as a disease preventative when taken before exposure, the May 26 World Tribune reported

In addition, a 78 percent improvement in patients was revealed by receiving it in the early stages and up to 46 percent by taking it late. 

Simultaneously, there was a 74 percent improvement in mortality, among other benign effects. Moreover, on a large scale, impressive results were observed in the countries that used it, such as Mexico, India, and Ecuador

“It is truly almost incalculable the interest against it. the death rates and hospitalizations just absolutely plummeted,” in Mexico, and India when ivermectin was used, Kory said.

The track record of ivermectin’s main component notes that it has been used for more than 40 years, with billions of doses administered and with safety conditions better than those of aspirin or Tylenol.

Another advantage of ivermectin is its low price, which contradictorily becomes an adverse factor, as Kory argues that this is contrary to the economic interests of the big pharmaceutical industry.

“I can’t imagine in the history of pharmaceuticals, a competing interest as deep and as vast as is arrayed against little ivermectin,” Kory considered, adding, “It is truly almost incalculable the interest against it.”

Worst of all, the WHO has become the instrument used by the pharmaceutical giants to defend their interests in exchange for the funding they provide. In fact, Bill Gates is the second-largest contributor of money to the WHO. 

For Kory, the team of scientists combating the use of ivermectin, in the service of the WHO, committed many irregularities when considering research reports, omitting and hiding data to twist them according to their economic aspirations. 

“So when I read that, I know this data. My head was in my hands and I was just like these people or criminals. They’re literally criminals,” Kory said.

He added, “The WHO essentially committed a criminal action. This is clearly not science going on here.” The suppression of data on ivermectin cost “half a million lives,” according to World Tribune. 

For its part, the pharmaceutical industry is pushing by all possible means for the widespread application of the controversial medical treatment used as a ‘vaccine’, which brings in profits of around 100 billion dollars.  

In this sense, the former scientific researcher and former vice-president of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, warns people not to be vaccinated, given that the risk of infection and death from the virus is as small as that of the flu.

Moreover, behind vaccines lurks the risk of losing individual freedom at the hands of politicians pushing the ‘health passport’, as he stated on several occasions, one of them in a May 16 video. 

Like Yeadon, many scientists have sounded the alarm using various arguments, with different forms of support, but all agree that it is not prudent to accept the risk involved in this medical treatment, especially now with more than a year of contradictory and adverse results.