Germany’s health department reported another seven deaths and at least 21 cases of blood clots in people who recently received AstraZeneca’s CCP virus (COVID-19) vaccine.

According to Germany’s federal medical regulatory body, of the 21 people who reported blood clots associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, seven have died as a direct result, the Daily Caller reported.

After several European countries suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this month, citing severe adverse effects and the presence of dangerous associated blood clots, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) finally reaffirmed the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. However, it cautioned that it could not rule out the possibility that it may cause rare blood clots, according to the journal Science.

At a March 18 press conference, without elaborating further, EMA officials said their research could not rule out a connection between the vaccine and certain unusual clotting and bleeding disorders. But in their view, the benefits of the vaccine would outweigh the risks. 

Nevertheless, the EMA recommended that patients and physicians be warned of the possible side effects associated with the vaccine.

After several countries in Europe suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine’s use because of adverse effects and deaths caused by the vaccine, the World Health Organization pressured the European community to continue its use.

“Vaccination against COVID-19 will not reduce disease or deaths from other causes,” the World Health Organization said. “At this time, WHO considers that the benefits of AstraZeneca’s vaccine outweigh its risks and recommends continued vaccination.”

France and Germany were the first countries to suspend the use of AstraZeneca, for which some health authorities blame these European leaders for causing a knock-on effect.

While the EMA and WHO have assessed AstraZeneca’s vaccine as safe and several EU countries have resumed vaccination, several countries such as Denmark, Iceland, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia are still awaiting their investigations, and more than a few experts believe that vaccination with AstraZeneca has come to an end. 

European health authorities have not yet commented on the newly reported events in Germany.

The position of health authorities in Europe to encourage the use of this vaccine even when it has claimed several people’s lives is a concern. Not so the WHO, which has repeatedly endangered the lives of millions of people by covering up the pandemic in defense of the Chinese communist regime.

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