During an interview on Tuesday night, Sept. 7, former President Donald Trump spared no criticism of the Biden administration, focusing his comments on the “disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan” and expressing concern that they had empowered the Taliban who seized power with military hardware.

During an interview with NewsMax in the context of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Trump delivered a stern message to Americans, warning about the critical situation the country is facing concerning national security.

After the 9/11 attacks, the United States sought to improve its military by investing in technology, structure, and weaponry. Trump recalled that his administration collaborated deeply in rebuilding the military but lamented that much of that effort was left in Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban. 

“We rebuilt our military. Unfortunately, they gave some of what I had rebuilt, something that we built together, they gave to the Taliban. Can you believe it?” said Trump during an exclusive interview on the Rob Schmitt Tonight television show.

According to the former president, the military commanded by President Joe Biden failed to withdraw troops from the longest war in U.S. history. It allowed the enemy to become empowered in the process.

Knowingly, Trump noted that no less than $850 billion worth of military equipment had been left in Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban. Including state-of-the-art aircraft and helicopters, and different types of weapons.

In addition to the irretrievable loss of military equipment, Trump warned that the Taliban are handing it over to China, Russia, and Iran so that they can replicate modern technologies.

“We’re embarrassed in front of the world. Giving them $850 billion of the best military equipment in the world, there’s never been a greater embarrassment than we’ve suffered this last week,” Trump lamented.

The former president also condemned the fact that the military members were pulled out in the first instance when dozens of civilian Americans were still stranded, even incommunicado and in extreme danger.

“Can you imagine getting the military out before you get your citizens, American people out?” Trump continued. “They took the military out first. We would have taken it out last.

Trump raised as a real “embarrassment” before the entire world the image left by the United States in its withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

A few days before commemorating a new anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the United States far from maintaining world order as to prevent future attacks of the style, equipped with millions of dollars in military equipment to the Taliban, who were responsible for the training and shelter of Al Qaeda, the terrorist group that carried out the September 11 attacks.

“They now have one of the best-equipped armies in the world, can you believe it?” said Trump. “From having knives to having the best planes and tanks and trucks. We left them airplanes, helicopters, why didn’t we fly that stuff out? Billions of dollars.”

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