Democratic representatives from different states included their socialist agenda with millionaire expenses in the next budget that will be destined to projects related explicitly to so-called ‘social justice,’ ‘racism,’ ‘inequality’ and ‘inclusion.’ This, according to Republicans, is the way they buy people’s votes.

A Fox News investigation revealed some of the projects presented by the Democrats with which they intend to use taxpayers’ money in social causes that, instead of generating jobs, generate dependence on the state in exchange for the vote of the favored sector.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey said the Democrats are using earmarks within the budget to avoid the veto or review process that each expenditure entails before being approved; a practice considered dangerous and corrupt.

“Earmarks, which is why Speaker Pelosi likes them so much, become the currency by which the leadership buys votes for unrelated legislation, which is terrible,” said Toomey, a Pennsylvania state senator who sits on the budget committee.

“The indefensible return of earmarks means congressional Democrats will shower billions of taxpayer dollars on all kinds of radical left wing causes,” added the senator.

While the U.S. economy is trying to recover from the impact of the pandemic, according to Toomey, one factor why unemployment is not going down has to do with the policies of the Biden administration.

“Systematically paying unemployment benefits that are more than a person makes working, doesn’t create an environment that’s particularly inducing to go back to work,” the Republican said, referring to the relief checks issued by the federal government.

Some of the Democrats’ ‘social’ bills include:

– Ohio Democratic Rep. Joyce Beatty earmarked $482,500 for a new institute focused on “the interdisciplinary nature of race, racial inequality and social policy studies.” The institute’s goal is to promote policies and approaches that “effectively support more socially equitable outcomes” in health, education, public safety, and other areas for people of all races.

– In California, Congresswoman Barbara Lee has asked for $1 million to provide “culturally relevant” medical services to the black community.

– One million dollars for a “cultural placemaking” initiative designed to celebrate the history and culture of blacks in Los Angeles by Congresswoman Karen Bass. The project is described as an “innovative 1.3-mile, public-private streetscape enhancement” to celebrate black culture.

– In Wisconsin, Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan asks for $1 million to plan and build a 55,000-square-foot space for black business, art, history, entertainment, and culture.

– Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., is requesting $742,000 for a program that will provide a space for “inclusion and healthy discussions around difficult issues such as racism, gender discrimination and cultural bias.”

In addition, they also intend to spend taxpayer money on:

LGBT health care

Free, complete public Wi-Fi in parks

Equal health clinics in Pennsylvania

University of Maine Climate Coordination Center

Inclusion programs in New York

Racial equity-focused institute in Ohio

Adult education services for immigrants

The method of bypassing review or possible veto used by Democrats to get funding for their ‘social causes’ indicates the lack of support they have in Congress from Republicans. This way of getting funds violates the ethics of the two-party system in the United States, especially when it comes to using taxpayer money, a clear socialist symptom within the supposed ‘democracy.’

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