Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) embarrassed Jim Acosta after the CNN correspondent sought to interview the lawmaker who slammed the news channel as lying through their teeth any chance they get.

On Monday, June 28, Washington Examiner shared a tweet from Acosta, describing Brooks’ reactions when the reporter caught him outside the U.S. Capitol and wanted to “speak to GOP House members about their bogus Jan. 6th conspiracy theories.”

The Alabama congressman refused to answer questions, instead criticized CNN as an untrustworthy channel.

“I do not do interviews with CNN because I do not trust CNN to be honorable or truthful,” Brooks replied to Acosta, who had waylaid him and proposed to interview him.

When Acosta mentioned the topic, asking if Brooks believed “Antifa was behind Jan. 6,” he said that, “I’ve already said what I’m going to say. I don’t trust y’all to be truthful or honest.”

Brooks answered Acosta while facing away from the CNN correspondent while he unlocked his bicycle, the video tweet showed.

But Acosta tried to press Brooks if he regretted his comments about the Jan. 6 incident.

“I’m just asking you questions. I’m asking you fair questions, sir. Why can’t you answer the question?” Acosta said.

Then the Republican lawmaker responded with a harsher reaction.

“See ya. You guys will lie through your teeth any chance you get,” Brooks said as he got onto his bike and peddled away.

Following the Jan. 6 riot in the Capitol that the Democrats blamed on former President Donald Trump, Brooks suggested that the role belonged to outside agitators, not Trump’s supporters.

During his presidency, Trump also used to label CNN as a “fake news” channel.

In a news conference alongside then-British Prime Minister Theresa May in 2018, Trump also replied to Acosta that, “CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN.”

Acosta posted his encounter with Brooks with a caption skewed to blame Brooks’ refusal to the interview without a hint of embarrassment.