The Canadian Department of Health (Health Canada) has recently banned the marketing and free delivery in hospitals of masks containing graphene, which are being investigated by health authorities for suspected serious health consequences. 

As reported in an official report from the health agency, the agency is advising people not to wear masks with graphene or biomass graphene. A preliminary assessment of developing research suggested that the particles cause early lung toxicity in animals and could do the same in humans.

Health Canada said it is working with mask manufacturers to assess their potential impact on people’s health, so it recommended their immediate suspension.

“Until the Department completes a thorough scientific assessment and has established the safety and effectiveness of graphene-containing face masks, it is taking the precautionary approach of removing them from the market while continuing to gather and assess information,” the agency said.

The agency asked Canadian citizens not to use the masks for the time being and report any adverse events on a Health Canada online reporting platform.

Adults have used graphene-containing masks in Canada, including children in schools and daycare centers have done so. The masks may also have been distributed for use in health care settings, the agency said. 

Canadian media reported that the government in Quebec distributed about 4.6 million graphene-coated masks to schools. However, it is unclear how widely students and teachers had used the masks.

Graphene was discovered in 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at the University of Manchester, and they won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery. It is a novel, one-atom-thick nanomaterial with various possible applications, including tiny antennas, computer chips, and coatings to absorb potentially harmful waves, reports Health Canada.

Reportedly, it could have antiviral and antibacterial properties, and that would be why it began to be used in face masks to prevent the spread of the CCP virus. However, according to the report, in this case, the prevention could be worse than the disease.

Last week, German scientists discovered dangerous chemicals in everyday face masks, warning the community of the dangers associated with their daily use. 

As noted in a publication, the scientists are concerned that continued use of these devices could lead to serious health problems for users as they unknowingly breathe in carcinogens, allergens, and tiny synthetic microfibers deposited in their lungs, alternative media Ecotextile reported.

In addition to being worrying, this type of news draws the attention of many politicians worldwide who are forcing their constituents to constantly wear masks as a supposed remedy to prevent the increase in the CCP Virus’ contagion. 

In the U.S., some twenty states, mostly Republican and conservative, have eliminated in recent weeks the obligation to wear face masks, leaving it up to the discretion and freedom of each person whether to use them or not. 

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