According to Reuters, the Biden administration will spend $86 million on hotel rooms to house illegal immigrants as it tries to control immigration at the border. These illegal immigrants will also receive free food, medical care, and COVID tests, all of which will be paid for by the United States’ hardworking taxpayers.

How can they justify using our tax dollars to house illegal immigrants in hotel rooms when there are homeless veterans and U.S. citizens who could benefit from these funds? And this move by the Biden administration was in sharp contrast to a bad move earlier after Biden took office when thousands of National Guardsmen were forced to sleep in parking garages after two weeks pulling security duty after the deadly riot on Jan. 6.

One guardsman told the Politico that 5000 troops were forced to sleep in a nearby parking garage that had no internet access, only one electrical outlet, and only one bathroom with two stalls. Temperatures in Washington were in the low 40s by nightfall back then.

Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson had the same query and pushed the question to White House press secretary Jen Psaki in a press briefing on Monday. Psaki’s response was as disappointing as ever. 

After mentioning a report that $86 million in taxpayer money was spent on hotel rooms and food for illegal immigrants because Biden’s “cages” were overflowing, Robinson went on to ask Psaki,  “How do you share that with the National Guard troops who were sleeping in parking garages and, you know, some of them got sick from having contaminated food. That’s a disparity that a lot of people are pointing out—that our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms.”

Psaki ignored the report about the $86 million spent on illegal alien hotel rooms and proceeded to explain Joe Biden’s response to the National Guard situation with a doublespeak.

“At the time when we became aware of the conditions the National Guard troops were in, in parking garages as you noted, the president called the head of the National Guard that day and offered his assistance, offered to play any role that he could play,” Psaki said. “I know that was some time ago, but that was the reaction he took at the time.”

Psaki then moved on to another topic.

After about 5,000 National Guardsmen were forced to sleep in a parking garage overnight after being thrown out of the Capitol after Biden’s inauguration, the only thing the Biden administration did to apologize for the disgraceful treatment was to send them cookies delivered by Jill Biden. That was adding insult to injury.

Outraged by how the Biden administration treated our troops, President Trump offered National Guardsmen still stationed at the Capitol lodging at his Washington, D.C. hotel.

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