Wake County of North Carolina had to close its vaccination site at PNC Arena in Raleigh on Thursday after 18 people had adverse reactions to the J&J shots. This was the second suspension of the J&J vaccination site following the first closing just a day earlier in Colorado.

The clinic, by Thursday, has successfully delivered more than 2,300 shots. Out of 18 patients examined by EMS, four were hospitalized, whereas the other 14 admitted having “minor reactions” after being vaccinated, according to NewYorkPost

ABC11 said that the reactions were recorded during the 15-minute observation phrase after the patients received the J&J shot. Later on April 8, Wake County released a statement claiming the reactions were “consistent with known common side effects from receiving the vaccine.”

“We know it can be alarming to hear about or see people having reactions to vaccination—this is why we closely monitor those we vaccinate in case of reaction,” said Wake County Public Health’s Medical Director Kim McDonald, “Right now we are working with NCDHHS and the CDC to further evaluate the situation to assure everyone is confident in the continued safety of our vaccine operations.”

 A statement was released later informing no safety issue was detected by the CDC, and it believes that the administration of the vaccine could resume.

“Analysis by the CDC did not find any safety issues or reason for concern, and the CDC recommends continuing to administer the vaccine,” the statement read.

In the update, one out of the four hospitalized patients remained under observation while the others have already been sent home. 

“I appreciate our excellent medical professionals always on-site to evaluate and treat those in need,” said Ryan Jury in the statement, Wake County’s Vaccine Branch Director. “We’re also thankful for our partnership with NCDHHS, which offered consultation and guidance during this pause.”

Additionally, it is announced that appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine (from all brands) on Friday could expect to receive the shots on time. 

“Knowing that more than 2,000 people have appointments beginning at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 9, Wake County made the call tonight to move ahead with those appointments but to switch to the Pfizer vaccine, so those recipients would have notice of which vaccine brand they were receiving,” the county statement informed.  

Meanwhile, officials said “there is no reason for concern” about the anticipated J&J after-effects involving the suspension of vaccinations at the Colorado vaccination site. 

Dr. Shauna Gulley, a Centura Health chief clinical officer, said, “At this point, we have no reason to believe there’s anything wrong with the vaccine itself. This is a temporary pause of one brand of vaccine so that we can investigate further.” 

Centura Health is running Colorado’s vaccination sites after the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park site was closed. It already reported that only 0.62% of the vaccinated individuals experienced the side-effects of the one-shot COVID-19 vaccine from J&J.

On April 8, the organization tweeted its reassertion that the possibility of suffering side effects from the shot was insignificant. The symptoms such as fatigue and soreness are common and  usually would subside after several days.