Another 4,000 U.S. troops are being prepared for deployment to the Middle East to bolster security in the region after the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Bagdad, Iraq, reported Fox News.

These soldiers reportedly come from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Deployment-Ready Brigade and are on high alert for immediate disposition, said several defense officials. 

On Dec. 31, around 750 U.S. paratroopers were in Kuwait, as announced by Department of Defense Secretary Mark Esper, “At the direction of the Commander in Chief @POTUS, I have authorized the deployment of an infantry battalion from the Immediate Response Force (IRF) of the @82ndABNDiv to the @CENTCOM area of operations in response to recent events in Iraq. Approximately 750 #Soldiers will deploy to the region immediately & additional forces from the IRF are prepared to deploy over the next several days.”

The siege at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad ended on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 1, after the arrival of 100 U.S. Marines to settle the situation. U.S. troops protected the facility by firing tear gas to try and disperse the crowds, who had camped out overnight.

President Trump commended the Marines’ effort to secure the U.S. facility and condemned the attack saying it would not be another Benghazi attack, which claimed lives of four U.S. officers including U.S. Ambassador to Lybia Chris Stevens.

There were no American casualties during the U.S. Embassy attack under the defense of the Marines.

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