A ham radio operator from California saved the life of a friend who lives 500 miles away after getting an emergency call by mistake.

Bill Scott, a San Joaquin County resident, has kept a small black ham radio close by and brings it everywhere with him for nearly four decades.

“On Saturdays, I’ll hear check-ins from just about every part of the world,” said Scott, an amateur radio operator.

One day in June, Scott got a strange call from Myrtle Point, Oregon.

“I thought it was a prank call at first,” he said, according to People.

Scott later discovered that his ham radio pal Skip Kritcher, who was having trouble seeing the numbers on his phone, had contacted Scott by mistake. He had fallen inside his house, The Week reported.

“I couldn’t see the numbers too good on the cell phone and I wound up pushing the button and calling Bill,” Kritcher recalled of his situation.

Based on Kritcher’s voice, Scott’s wife Sharon, a retired nurse, recognized Kritcher was having a stroke.

“The speech that he had was slurred and my husband couldn’t seem to keep him on task, he was skipping all over and confused,” Sharon said according to Spotlight.

Scott said he was “nervous because I didn’t want to lose my friend,” then dialed 911 as soon as possible. They knew where the responders should go as they had visited Kritcher’s home before.

The EMTs told Sharon Scott that Kritcher would have died in a matter of hours if it had not been for the couple’s rapid reaction.

One of Kritcher’s relatives later told the Scotts that they had saved the Oregon man’s life.

“She said that the EMT told her that he would’ve died within a couple of hours,” recalled Sharon.

It is difficult not to wonder how they made friends in the first place as they reflect on the incidents of that day.

“It’s pretty awesome, they are great people you know. I’m just glad I called them,” said Kritcher, who is recovering and remains in contact with his life-saving companion.

“Just a miracle that he called the wrong number and he got us,” said Sharon. “and we were able to do something to help him.”

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