The amazing abilities of one Air Force Honor Guard crew were showcased in a video that received 8.6 million views on Facebook. Colonel John “Dragon” Teichert, former commander of the 412th Test Wing, went through the Honor Guard’s rifles with bayonets after only an hour of practice.

It was difficult to tell how long the rest of the squad had been training. Because they made it out to be so effortless. The whole thing took place smoothly. During Teichert’s walk, he made no errors.

The team’s precision was terrific. Throughout the competition, the squad displayed incredible flexibility and professionalism.

As the rifles used by drill teams typically weigh between 11 and 14 pounds, it is not an easy task to handle such large items so fast.

The Honor Guard used 11lb rifles with a blade, which was even more stunning. Of course, getting stabbed by such a sharp, pointy object by accident may be fatal, but Teichert did not pause for a second.

Except for Teichert, the entire drill team stays emotionless and still after the performance. However, applause and hollers could be heard in the closing moments of the clip, indicating that the audience was aware of this accomplishment.

Teichert experienced the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program in 1994. Teichert has kept several operational, educational, test, and leadership responsibilities during his career.

In Baghdad, Teichert served as a senior defense official. He has flown over 2,000 hours in over 38 various types of planes. Northern Watch, Deliberate Forge, and Allied Force were among his previous combat missions.

For their service to the country, members of the United States Armed Forces are highly appreciated. However, few occupations are as challenging as serving in the military, which requires many hours of training.

The primary objectives of the Air Force Honor Guard are to safeguard the organization’s tradition and to represent the Air Force on a national and international basis. Based in Washington, D.C., the Honor Guard is committed to the highest requirements of the Air Force.

Displaying flags, taking part in drill teams, transporting fallen military soldiers to memorial areas, and performing ceremonies are all part of the Honor Guard’s tasks. Some staff, particularly those who want to join the Drill Team, may spend half of the year overseas.