The Democrats voted to turn Washington D.C. into the 51st state of the United States, thus violating the provisions of the National Constitution, while pushing their leftist agenda to the maximum.

For the Republican congressmen, the real motivation of the Democrats is to obtain for their party two more senators, and with it the absolute dominance to impose socialism as stated by Representative James Comer, according to Breitbart on April 22.

Comer noted that the bill Democrats voted for, H. R. 51: “It’s about Democrats adding two new progressive U.S. Senators to push a radical agenda championed by the Squadron to reshape America into the socialist utopia they dream of.”

He added: “H.R. 51 is not really about electoral representation. It’s about the Democrats consolidating their power in Washington,” Comer declared.

Likewise, with these attempts, the Democrats are going against the intent of the founding fathers and the record repeatedly set by case law in this regard.

“The Office of Legal Counsel in 2007 believed it was unconstitutional, the Justice Department under former President Reagan and former President Carter declared the transformation unconstitutional, and so did Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, when he sat on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals,” Breitbart compiles.

The next step that will determine whether the controversial bill H. R. 51 becomes final will come in the Senate, not without a tough fight from Republican senators first. 

It should be noted that under current rules, 60 votes are required for passage, and only 45 of the 50 Democrats currently sponsor the legislation.

Thus, the Democrats’ extreme progressive agenda moves toward converting the country in a way that is not approved by most Americans, as compiled by Ohio Republican legislator Jim Jordan.

Thus said Jordan: “They passed this bill out of committee that gives two new Democratic senators to the District of Columbia and, less than 24 hours after that bill passed out of committee, they introduced legislation to fill the Supreme Court,” Jordan recalled.

And he recalled, “In the three months that the Democrats have had control of the federal government…. They created a crisis on the southern border. And they continue to push to defund the police now, so they can continue their radical policies.”

On the other hand, by adhering to the controversial Paris Agreement and climate change theories, the president, Joe Biden, did not hesitate to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of jobs and the country’s energy stability, obtained by the then president, Donald Trump. 

In this regard, Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), a fierce supporter of the fossil fuel industry, joined his message to the many critics against Biden’s leftist energy policies. 

“President Biden is unilaterally committing America to a drastic and damaging emissions pledge,” Barrasso said in a statement on April 22 in commenting on Biden’s dangerous environmental promises.

 “As the president sets punishing targets for the country, America’s adversaries like China and Russia continue to increase emissions at will. The last thing the economy needs is higher energy prices and fewer jobs, but that’s exactly what we’re going to get,” he reiterated.

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