Although wild horses are beautiful, they are large animals, and it’s not wise to interfere with them if you are not experienced with horses. Issues with their behavior become complex when they have a lot of interaction with humans feeding and petting them. These Assateague ponies live in a magnificent location on an island about 25 miles end to end on the Virginia and Maryland coast, famous for its magnificent Assateague horses.

Tourists flock to see the gorgeous animals and enjoy the beaches and picnic. But the horses are wild and free and are used to dominating tourists, so there are ground rules that everyone should adhere to in order to keep everyone safe and have a good time.

The regulations are simple: no touching is permitted.

It is also against the rules to feed or attract them. There’s even a notice that says “Horses bite, kick, & charge. Keep at least 40 feet away.”

One horse took a fancy to a picnic spread laid out on the sand, and while the woman was busy, the horse decided to take over, walking all over the woman’s belongings and eating her food. Understandably the woman wanted to salvage her day’s outing, so she took a plastic beach shovel and tried to shoo the horse away. The horse completely ignored her, leading the woman to disregard the regulations and swat the horse with the shovel.

The horse quickly got itself into position and delivered a powerful backward kick to the woman’s chest knocking her flying.

The National Park Service and the Assateague Island National Seashore Law Enforcement Rangers said wild horses could bite open food packages, kick open a cooler, and open beach bags in search of food.

Two more horses came to join in the spoils—a mare and her colt.

Remarkably the woman recovered and, with quite some determination, tried shooing the horses away, not touching them this time and keeping at a respectful distance.

Wild horses could be dangerous to humans and animals if they get too close to visitors .

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