On September 15, a video posted by Weibo netizen @Li Kefeng went viral. The channel China Digital Age retweeted a video showing pandemic prevention workers destroying residents’ online shopping packages in a locked down area.

In the video (from 0’30 – 3’28), an anti-pandemic worker wearing protective clothing dumps bags and boxes of goods that are piled on the ground into a garbage truck. The items are mostly vegetables, fruit, and other daily necessities purchased online by residents. This has outraged netizens.

Sound of Hope cited some of the comments as follows:

One netizen commented, “Not even the most basic conscience to be human.”

Another pointed out, “The advantage of wearing protective clothing is that no one knows who they are when they are photographed.”

Shanghai experienced this, quietly collecting the goods that residents ordered online. The food that residents bought was just thrown out by anti-pandemic staff. After the incident was revealed, the workers just apologized without compensating the residents.

According to Sound of Hope, since the first half of this year, the CCP has adhered to the “zero-COVID” policy and implemented large-scale restrictions in many places, ordering people to stay home, leading to food and supply shortages, starvation, and difficulty getting to the hospital for medical treatment.

According to Chinese headline news,  authorities in Urumqi, Korla, and Ili in Xinjiang and the Lhasa, Tibet used to apologize to people. In it, the city government of Urumqi, Xinjiang apologized for the interruption and backlog of courier goods, and that bulk express delivery items could not be delivered.

The city of Korla in Xinjiang admitted the pandemic response was not enough.

The city of Lhasa, Tibet, admitted that its nucleic acid testing capacity is insufficient, that the conversion of health codes is inefficient, and issuing health codes is not on time.

However, many people did not accept the CCP’s apology. They left messages saying that, from Urumqi, Korla, Ili to Lhasa, the government has apologized, but what is the use of apologizing? 

VOA quoted analysts saying that officials all over China are eager to “show loyalty” to the 20th National Congress. Maintaining stability is the top motto, the “zero-COVID” policy will not be eased before the 20th National Congress, or (it) may become stricter. Everything is geared for Xi Jinping to be re-elected as general secretary for the third time at the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

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