Recently, Chinese drones frequently intruded on the islets outside of Taiwan, repeatedly going to the Kinmen military barracks to videotape, causing concern in Taiwan.

On September 1, many Chinese-language media outlets published a humorous video of a Chinese drone suddenly being knocked down with “mud.”

NetEase newspaper reported on September 1, a drone was videotaping at low altitude on the coast in Ningde, Fujian province, to collect photos to make propaganda films. Unexpectedly, a fisherman spotted a drone approaching him. He dug up the mud and threw it at the drone. After the drone was knocked down, its screen turned black and fell to the ground.

However, now the post on NetEase only has the title “A drone videotaping propaganda on the beach was mistaken by fishermen for an “enemy plane” and fought back with a “mud bomb.”

Unidentified Chinese netizens left witty comments, which Taiwan’s Newtalk newspaper quoted:

“Great job uncle, one shot is enough.”

“First they will praise him, then they will make him compensate.”

Another witty person wrote: “Without this part in the propaganda film, I would rather not watch.”

Newtalk reported that on August 31, the Taiwanese military’s Kinmen Defense Command indicated that from 6pm to 8pm, they detected three groups of civilian drones appearing on the islands of Dadan, Caoyu, and Lieyu. After being chased away by Taiwanese defensive gunfire and sending signal bullets to the nearby garrison, they quickly flew away and entered Xiamen. The Kinmen Defense Command will continue to maintain close vigilance and surveillance. Tsai Ing-wen emphasized that the more provocative the enemy is, the more calm we have to be. The Taiwanese military is self-defending, but that does not mean that they do not have countermeasures. She ordered the defense ministry to promptly apply necessary and strong measures to protect the national airspace’s security.

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