As devoutly as Ancient Egyptians prayed to the rising sun for a blessed harvest, in modern days we have found our prayers answered through man-made gods. Whereas the Egyptians found their sustenance in solar orbit, we have found ours in gravitation around ’creativity & innovation’.

Instantaneous communication everywhere with everyone around the globe? Easy

Electric cars that take you from 0 to 100 in 2.1 seconds? *yawns*

Omniscient, self-propagating artificial intelligence that will surely fall out of human control? Sure why no— Wait wait pump the breaks, what was that last one?

That last one does sound pretty scary, and even though we like to believe that is just dystopian talk, but it’s not. In fact, we will probably see the advent of that type of intelligence within our lifetimes, if not surely in our children’s.

That being said, with or without AI, in the current path of exponential technological advancement, our future looms with uncertainty. To what ends are we developing? And more importantly, from what bedrock does it unfurl?

Sci-fi city with planet, nebula and spaceships, Elements furnished by NASA. 3D rendering. (Adobe Stock/ Space Creator)

Modern trends of thought separate man from nature and our innovations are a testament to this. However, we have found an issue. When man embeds his meaning in being Creator, he assume the role of Destroyer. Entwined as they are by logic, this gives rise to an interesting (equally terrifying) question: What can be said of destruction when the objects of our creation reaches cosmic magnitude?

And who knows… perhaps it already has.

Either way, the need to ground our progress on some unchanging bedrock is an existential matter. And to this end, we all have an equally important role to play.

On another note, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Sun doesn’t take sick days. It’s quite reliable, just ask the Egyptians. In their simple relationship with the Sun, the Egyptians lived content in a prospered civilization.

In modern times, however, zeal amidst technological progress has diminished the truth of our humanity—that at the source of our being, we are One.

In this realization, there is hope for our species to etch a lasting legacy on the fabrics of the greater universe.

Without it, how will we know to pump the breaks at all?

By Gray, L

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